WWE SummerSlam 2011: 8 Things We Want to See at the Biggest Party of the Summer

Sexton HardcastleAnalyst IAugust 13, 2011

WWE SummerSlam 2011: 8 Things We Want to See at the Biggest Party of the Summer

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    WWE SummerSlam 2011 takes place this Sunday, headlined by CM Punk vs. John Cena.

    With only four matches on the card, the WWE have managed to make the show seem worthwhile.

    As wrestling fans, there are always things we want to see. At the second biggest pay-per-view of the year, if these eight things happen it will make SummerSlam memorable.

    Following Money in the Bank, the WWE has its work cut out. This is a list of eight things we want to see at SummerSlam 2011.

More Matches Announced

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    A low number of matches at a pay-per-view can be a good thing—it gives every match enough time, and that may provide great matches.

    However, with only four matches announced, it isn't enough. Yes, every match announced so far has been built up well; many fans just aren't prepared to pay $50 for a show with four matches.

    And that's not to mention it's near impossible to fill three hours with four matches. At this point there are a few matches that we expect to be announced. It's baffling that the WWE wouldn't announce them far earlier than two days before the show. 

    Many of these matches would add to the show, as the participants in the match are great workers.

Daniel Bryan vs. Wade Barrett

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    This is one we need to see and it's expected that it may be announced between now and the start of the show.

    Bryan and Barrett have built a feud that started after Danie Bryan's Money in the Bank ladder match victory. It's an intriguing feud, and given the decent amount of time at SummerSlam, the match could be great.

    There are only so many matches the WWE can announce before the show, and this should be one of them.

Kelly Kelly and Beth Phoenix Have a Long Match

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    The divas division is on the cusp of a resurgence as Natalya Neidhart and Beth Phoenix seem to be forming a dominant team.

    It's been a long time since a Divas storyline was entertaining, and it's been even longer since we've seen a great divas match. 

    To establish this sudden resurgence, a divas match must be given time. A 10-minute divas match (unheard of these days) would go a long way in giving this division legitimacy and importance.

Sheamus Wins over Mark Henry

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    Both superstars are on the up. Mark Henry is on the greatest run of his career and has been booked perfectly as a monster heel.

    More importantly, Mark Henry is the perfect foil for Sheamus' face turn. Sheamus recently turned face, and it has been an overwhelming success. The fans love Sheamus for good reason—he never backs down and he stood up to fight Henry at SummerSlam.

    To cap off this face turn, Sheamus needs to win at SummerSlam. I believe the feud could continue afterwards, however at the second biggest pay-per-veiw of the year, Sheamus needs the win.

    Mark Henry wouldn't take hit losing to Sheamus, and either man is ready to step up into a World Heavyweight Championship feud should they need to.

Cee Lo Green's Involvement Be as Short as Humanly Possible

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    This is just unnecessary. With SummerSlam being in Los Angeles, the WWE thought it was a great idea to get Cee Lo Green, who sings the theme for SummerSlam, to perform his song live.

    Is it to eat up time? With the small number of matches booked for the show, maybe. Either that or they sincerely thought that WWE fans would enjoy a live performance. 

    Cee Lo Green's performance needs to be restricted to the start of the show so it doesn't disturb the booking, or length, of the matches.

Triple H Getting Involved in the Main Event

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    Triple H recently appointed himself the referee in the CM Punk vs. John Cena match, adding another dimension to the already highly-speculated match. 

    Triple H's role in this match could be huge as his involvement has helped sell this match.
    He could turn heel or help John Cena win.

    As with any special referee, they need to get involved to make their inclusion seem worthwhile. In the main event of SummerSlam, Triple H needs to be involved in the final sequence of the match.

Christian Beats Randy Orton

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    It's the fourth pay-per-view match in a row for Christian and Randy Orton and this is most likely the last chapter in this feud. 

    Randy Orton going over Christian does nothing for him, and would further bury Christian. Orton has been portrayed as a badass in this feud; Christian is the weak champion. A Christian victory will establish him as a main event player on SmackDown.

    This will surely be a great match at SummerSlam. 

CM Punk Wins the WWE Championship

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    Don't get me wrong, this isn't because I'm a CM Punk mark. This is good for business.

    It's one of the greatest story lines we've ever seen, and it needs to be unique. We've seen John Cena overcome the odds so many times before. 

    CM Punk needs to win at SummerSlam in order to establish him as a face of the company. CM Punk needs to become one of the few wrestlers who we honestly believe can beat Cena. Did you honestly believe CM Punk would win at Money in the Bank?

    The WWE needs more superstars on that podium with John Cena, and at SummerSlam, CM Punk will sit atop that podium.


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    SummerSlam is shaping up to be a great show. Whether or not these things happen, the event will still be memorable. 

    Expect CM Punk and John Cena to live up to the hype once again. 

    IF the WWE were smart, they would book these things to happen. It would ensure that the "Biggest Party of the Summer" is an excellent show.

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