Come On Down Kids and Meet the Mets

Patrick GildayContributor INovember 11, 2008

As I think back on the 2008 season, the thing that pops up to me in the most is the collapse of the Mets, once again.

The historic collapse of last year was relived again this year on the final day of Shea Stadium. The last few years of the Mets organization have been some downers.

The younger generation of Mets can not fully appreciate the Mets of old. For example the Mets of 1986, with their historic game six, and even the subway World Series.

Now even though they lost in the 2000 World Series, the pride the Mets took the field every game was impressive.

As a Yankee fan I even admit that the heart of the old Mets was astounding. These new Mets seem to have lackadaisical approaches to the game. They were not running out ground balls nor did they have an attitude like they deserve to win (and expected to just be handed the game).

This team is not the Mets that I knew before. I'm not even a Mets fan, but for the sake of the children of the game, please parents, tell your kids about the Mets of forgotten lore, the golden years, and the moments that made you proud to say, "Hey I'm a Mets fan, and I'm damn proud of it."