TNA's Turning Point PPV: Why it Failed

christian orendorfContributor INovember 11, 2008

So I ordered TNA's Turning Point PPV on sunday, and I really dont know what to say. 

It began with the X-Division ranking match, which itself was awesome, even with the relatively unknown wrestlers from other promotions. Eric Young was the winner and he cut a nice promo at the end even though the crowd didnt really seem to care on tv. 

The show then proceeded to the womens match, which I used the bathroom during since it didn't entice me to watch it at all.  I came back just in time for the Rhyno/Bashir match, which was so horrible that I actually passed out. 

I awoke just in time to watch Christian Cage lose to Booker T in typical fashion.  I was told that Beer Money beat the Motor City Machine Guns while I was asleep, but I wasnt even enticed to rewind my DVR to watch it.  Maybe another time.  Anyway, supposedly Christian Cage will now have to join the Main Event Mafia and hopefully will start winning some matches again.

Kurt Angle vs Abyss was easily one of my favorite matches of the night.  They pulled all the spots and really put on a great show.  Although the ending was crap. A simple uppercut takes out Abyss?  Bull. Crap.  I'm sorry, but I've seen Abyss go through tables, barbwire, flames, tacks...and an uppercut ends it?  For shame...

Then we head over to the Kevin Nash/Samoa Joe match. I can't remember the last time anyone decimated Joe like that.  It took many finishers to put Joe down and many blows to the head which left Joe a bloody mess.  It seemed somewhat of a squash match.

Finally the AJ Styles/Sting World Heavyweight Title match.  Ok, so AJ decides to wrench Sting's arm for a bit, then Sting dominates AJ for awhile.  AJ gets off that lil corkscrew moonsault of his, and tries to go for it again to be screwed over once again.  BS.

All in all, I understand the need to boost the Main Event Mafia.  You need to have some legitimacy in what's supposed to be a heel faction so that it makes the heroes worthwhile when going against them.  But I just felt a little let down by this ppv, which could've been better with the 4 big matches on the card. 

Hopefully the next ppv will change the landscape of TNA just a little more, but it remains to be seen.