Sleepless in Seattle Fans Land

Thomas H.Correspondent INovember 11, 2008

San Francisco? It is true, they have had a bad run when it comes to sports.

Philadelphia? Hey, they just won a World Series!

Seattle? Oh, the sports there are BRUTAL!

Hey, Seattle Sports Fans. Remember your better days? In 2004 and early '05, the Seahawks were 9-7 and headed to the playoffs, while the Seattle Supersonics were top of the Northwest Division at 52-30.

The Seattle Mariners, well, they were losing, but just a season earlier they were a winning team who barely missed the playoffs. Plus, the college football is pretty bad.

Yep, those were the days in the Emerald City.

Today? Ouch.

The Seattle Seahawks are falling back as Matt Hasselbeck is injured. The team was thought to make it to the playoffs, but now they have deadly injuries and are lagging in the depths of the weak NFC West.

Julius Jones has been a key part to the offense but has had his slow games, including a nine-yard rushing game against San Francisco. To win, they need him. Until then, they will just have to battle to not be the worst of the worst.

The Mariners used to be amazing. In 2001 the team had 116 wins. The next two years they had winning seasons.

Now? They have been throwing the money away! With big money pitchers like Carlos Silva who hasn't proved themselves worthy, the team is stumbling. Not to mention that Raul Ibanez, one bright spot on the team's batting order, has a good chance of being gone this season.

The only bright light? Ichiro had another .300 season (he hit .310).

The Seattle Supersonics have been a shadow of a team. This makes sense, because they are GONE! The team left Seattle after not getting enough cash flow, even though I saw Kevin Durant coming as a sign of a good future. Sadly, they are now the Oklahoma City Thunder. The city has been begging for another chance at basketball, but it's hard to come by.

Oh, and let's not forget the College Football. Washington and Washington State have won a combined GAME. The proud teams of the Pac-10 have been flawed and can't find a way to win in a league that hasn't been that impressive.

The Washington Huskies are 0-9—that's enough said. The Washington State Cougars are 1-9 and a whopping 0-9 in Pac 10 play.

Seattle sports fans, hide in the cave. This storm will be over soon, and then you can watch some winning team play. Until that day, good luck.

But hey! Here is a happy thought! You get a MLS team next year, the Seattle Sounders. Until then, happy thoughts.