A Complete Look at John Wall's Journey During the NBA Lockout (Video)

Kevon Robinson@@Kevon_RobbbCorrespondent IAugust 12, 2011

A Complete Look at John Wall's Journey During the NBA Lockout (Video)

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    Let’s be honest, the news feed and hype that is usually surrounding the NBA at this time has died down…a lot.  We all know that there is a lockout but for some it is just finally hitting us that the NBA is basically dead right now with no forward progress in the collective bargaining agreement.  So from what used to be a free agency frenzy in the NBA is now a collection of basketball playing refugees looking to play somewhere.

    Notable players that have made their mark on several leagues are Kevin Durant, Brandon Jennings and John Wall

    Now if you noticed that I’m currently a Wizards’ Featured Columnist or read the title of this article you would know that I am here to give a brief viewing of the different leagues John Wall has showcased his skills in.  There is not much to evaluate due to the lack of defense played in these leagues but there will still be some things that do stand out.

    For now, sit back, relax and just enjoy the highlights…

The Goodman League

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    This was actually one of the first leagues that had a recording of Wall playing.  He looks a little bored and doesn’t look like he is trying, but he managed to drop 41 points so he did something right.  The competition didn’t really get that strong in the beginning of the summer so there wasn’t too many big names to show other than Demarcus Cousins. 

    Take note that just because this game was against weak competition doesn’t mean that the Goodman League is a bad league, there just wasn’t much star power on the day Wall played.

Jamal Crawford Summer League

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    This league was probably the least popular of the group.

    Unlike the other highlights the video shows a highlight of the whole game instead of just John Wall.  Nothing wrong with that, but you have to spot Wall (red jersey, #2) when the footage is rolling.  The video is much like the Goodman League, it was ‘okay’ to me.

NC Pro Am Game 1

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    Now this game was totally opposite of the other two, in this game Wall went up against former NC State star Julius Hodge and responded to Hodge mocking his famous “John Wall dance” after scoring a basket along with the foul. 

    Wall clearly got angry with the gesture and started going at him on every possession, he even had to call him out one possession when Hodge wasn’t guarding Wall.  From what I understand, Hodge had himself a pretty good game scoring a game high 22 points, but Wall made the clutch buckets to ultimately win the game for his team.

Melo Center

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    The Melo Center has some of the craziest fans, in my opinion.  They cheer, instigate and even dance whenever a player pulls a good move on an opponent.  Therefore with all of that, John Wall playing at the Melo Center is pick-up game heaven for him, especially since he is known for getting the crowd involved during games.

    What stood out most from his performance is his speed in the game.

    I know these are some random ballers but if you're fast, well…you're fast.  Wall also seems to have more lift in his jumpers here as opposed to his jumper in the Goodman League footage.

NC Pro Am Game 2

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    This is probably my favorite video out of them all, mostly because it makes John Wall look like a villain.

    In the beginning of the video it shows him constantly staring down NCCU player Dominique Sutton after being fouled on multiple layup attempts.  The intensity then takes a great leap after Wall prepares to shoot his free throws and exclaims, “YOU CAN’T GUARD ME!” over and over again.

    One thing can be for sure about this game, Wall was going 100 percent.

    His team ended up losing but Wall showed up scoring 36 points, which was more than half of what the team had scored.  It was a playoff game so this would probably be the last that we see of John Wall in the NC Pro Am.