Mark Schlabach Is a Master Researcher: False

Phil FriendCorrespondent INovember 11, 2008

This has been talked about quite a bit on BSUFans, and it's probably worthy of an entire post. On today's main college football page at, the lead read is Mark Schlabach's "On The Mark" column, and he addresses the three non-BCS schools that are undefeated (Utah, Boise State, and Ball State).

(Note 2: "On The Mark" is cheeky and easy to make fun of, but then again, my columns at my newspaper are called "Phil"osophy, so I will be quiet. At ease.)

The thesis of his argument is that the only team worthy of getting a BCS bid is Utah—which is weird because they're the only team that's had the close games. I'm sorry, didn't Toledo beat Michigan at Michigan as well? And didn't Ball State shut out Toledo, 31-0, at their place? I think so. These arguments were left out in his pro-Utah stance.

Let's decipher this doozy.

"The Tar Heels and Panthers have done more to deserve a BCS berth than Ball State, Boise State, or Utah."

Are we talking about the same Pitt team here? The same Pitt team that lost to Bowling Green? Does either Pitt or North Carolina have as impressive a victory as Boise State over Oregon? A quick check shows the answer is no.

This team is three weeks removed from losing to Rutgers by 20. A week ago, it took FOUR OVERTIMES to beat a terrible Notre Dame team. Another note, Schlabach: Pitt beat traditional doormat Buffalo by 11 points.

Woo! You're right, they're way more worthy. And in case you didn't notice, Louisville sucks. So that means nothing.

Pitt's best win, South Florida, isn't that much more impressive than Navy, Mark—not enough to make it the entire thesis of your column. Pick some better teams next time.

However, I do not have as strong an argument for North Carolina. Maybe we'll see them in the Orange Bowl and decide once and for all.

I enjoyed this comment as well.

"No. 14 Ball State, known more for its canning jars and alumnus David Letterman than football, also is a perfect 9-0."

Ooooh. Someone either knows how to use Wikipedia or is in fact a jar connoisseur—which is a possibility, I guess. Maybe he's visited the Ball Jar Museum. Free tours! Learn all about Ball Jars here. This is surprisingly detailed.

One more comment from Schlabach.

"If the Cardinals win their last three games and finish 12-0, they would certainly be deserving of a date in the Motor City Bowl."

Well if, that wasn't the fist-up-the-you-know-what compliment of the night, I don't know what is.