Can Ball State Make the BCS? Round Two

Phil FriendCorrespondent INovember 11, 2008

Cardinals fans definitely got their wish last Thursday when TCU's BCS hopes came crashing down in a loss to Utah.

Like I said last week, it really was a lose-lose situation for the Cardinals. We still had four non-BCS teams ahead of us, and now it's down to four with Utah, Boise State, us, and unfortunately, BYU.

Let's break it down.

Here is our dream scenario.

1. Nov. 22 becomes Hail to the Cardinals Day.

This is a very big day in the history of Ball State football. Utah and Boise State's best chances to lose fall on this day. Nevada plays Boise State while Utah takes on BYU. What that would do is likely put us as the No. 1 non-BCS team (unless BYU got a HUGE bump), and we'd get an automatic berth. I creamed my pants just thinking of this possibility. Nov. 22 feels like a LIVE BLOG! Day.

2. The Big East champ is ranked No. 17 or lower.

I've read many, many different interpretations of the BCS rules, but this is my understanding. If one of the BCS conference champions is ranked No. 17 or lower and a non-BCS team is ranked higher than that, then that non-BCS team gets an at-large berth.

So let's say only one of those teams falls on D-Day. If Cincinnati wins the Big East and only gets to 17, viola, the Cardinals should be in.

3. Many, many teams lose more games.

And by teams, we specifically mean Ohio State. I've got to be honest, I'm not fully sure how OSU losing helps us, although everyone keeps saying that. I presume that would mean they get a third loss and thus wouldn't be eligible for the BCS. But who knows? Feel free to fill that part in.

But most important, just win out, baby. Let the "cards" fall where they may.