Brock Lesnar and 5 of the Most Overrated and Overhyped MMA Fighters

Michael SkytteContributor IAugust 11, 2011

Brock Lesnar and 5 of the Most Overrated and Overhyped MMA Fighters

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    We all have that one guy who we consider to be one of our favorites even though we now for a fact he's a little bit overrated.

    For me it's Brock Lesnar, but unlike most people I dont go around saying "Brock Lesnar could beat Fedor in his prime," because that is just crazy talk. Here are a few of the most overhyped and overrated fighters in MMA.

Jon Jones

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    I know, I know. "Jon Jones, how can the light heavyweight champion be overrated?" I wouldn't say Jones is overrated, he's definitely a great fighter, but he is the most overhyped fighter in the UFC right now.

    After his TKO victory against Shogun Rua I have heard way to many people say "Jon Jones is one of the greatest fighters of all time!" Explain how.

    Yes, his skill level is amazing but to call him one of the best ever after just seven UFC fights (only two of them against legitimate competition) in the UFC is crazy.

    Hate all you want, but Jones is overhyped. 

Brock Lesnar

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    Are you surprised ?

    Like it or not he is the face of the UFC

    He is also the one of the highest paid MMA athlete's in the world after just seven fights 

    That's all that has to be said.

Fedor Emilianenko

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    Before people get their keyboard warrior inside of them out, let me explain.


    This isn't necessarily the fighter's fault, it is his fans. 

    His fans put him out to be this monster who would obliterate everything in front of him. Then when he lost to Fabricio Werdum  people thought he was a joke due to all the hype from his fans. He is a great fighter but like us, he is only human.

    He isn't God. 

    He is now in talks to face Kevin Randleman in Russia, I wish him luck but I won't be shocked if he loses.

Todd Duffee

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    The man who holds the record for UFC's fastest KO ever!

    After his seven-second win over Tim Hague, people said this guy would become UFC champ within a year. All you have to do for this slide is watch his fight with Mike Russow.

    But for your enjoyment i'll show you the video that sent the hype-train off its rails for good! 

Kimbo Slice

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    Okay, I'll admit I was riding the Kimbo train hard on TUF 10.

    But you simply just gotta look back on his fight with Matt Mitrione and just watch the season itself. He flopped big time.

    I do wish him luck in his boxing debut though, I'll be tuning in.