WWE: My Friday Night Smackdown (August 12)

Nate Scaccia@@TheNateScacciaAnalyst IIIAugust 12, 2011

WWE: My Friday Night Smackdown (August 12)

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    Welcome, bleachers, to another edition of My Friday Night Smackdown. This is the last show before My SummerSlam but before we begin, let's look at last week's show.

    Teddy Long returned and set up Wade Barrett vs. Randy Orton at SummerSlam. The match is for the World Heavyweight Championship.

    Daniel Bryan defeated Ted DiBiase while Kelly Kelly beat Tamina.

    The Miz took on Ezekiel Jackson and after distractions from Cody Rhodes, Miz rolled up Jackson for the win. Jackson then hunted down Rhodes and eventually found him. Jackson beat up Rhodes and walked off.

    The Miz finds another note; this time it reads:

    "Good job cheater, did you talk Rhodes into that or was it his idea? Well, only one more match to go and you can face me at SummerSlam.

    "Don't blow it Miz, it would be a shame to waste all this TV time only for you to ruin it."

    On the back of the note are the letters "W.C.W."

    In the main event, Christian took on Sheamus. The Empire Alliance came down to the ring to help out Sheamus but Randy Orton attacked Wade Barrett, so they took off to help. Christian took advantage of the distraction and pinned Sheamus.

Opening Segment

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    We start off the show with William Regal and the Empire Alliance walking down to the ring. Regal grabs a mic and addresses the audience.

    "It seems that Teddy Long is once again off on 'personal affairs' this week. Therefore, I am once again in charge."

    The fans let out some heat but Regal doesn't care.

    "Fourtunately for you, I will not cancel tonight's show. Although if you keep booing me I just might. Teddy Long gave Wade Barrett an opponent at SummerSlam last week. Long selected Randy Orton to take on Barrett and it will be for the World Heavyweight Championship."

    The fans applaud but Regal isn't done just yet.

    "Yes, while that is all fine and dandy, Long forgot to determine what kind of match it should be. Luckily, being the wise man that I am, I have come up with a solution. At SummerSlam, Wade Barrett will defend his title against Randy Orton in a lumberjack match. Who are the lumberjacks, you ask? Why, none other than Sheamus, Drew McIntyre, Skip Sheffield and myself."

    The fans dish out more heat but the Empire just smiles and gets ready to leave the ring.

    Randy Orton comes out and directs a glare towards Regal.

    "Regal, are you really that big of a coward that you have to protect your little baby Barrett by having me take him on in a lumberjack match? Regal, the only thing that is going to do is embarrass your group when I beat down every single one of you!"

    "Really? Beat down the entire Empire Alliance by yourself? Don't humor us too much Randy. But, since I am a smart replacement GM, I know that the fans want to see you in action tonight."

    The fans cheer and Regal continues.

    "Tonight, Randy you will take on Skip Sheffield one on one. And if you lose, you lose your No. 1 contender slot."

    Randy looks like he is going to charge the ring but he thinks against it and walks to the back. Regal and the group smile as we fade to commercial.

Match 1: The Uso's vs. Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel

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    The Uso's are out first to a nice reaction.

    Slater and Gabriel follow to decent heat.

    Jey and Slater start off the match with a test of strength. Slater throws Jey off the ropes but he rolls over his back and connects with a nice dropkick. Slater tags in Gabriel and the two high flyers go at it.

    Gabriel goes for a heel kick but Jey ducks and hits a leg sweep. Jey goes for a standing moonsault but Gabriel moves out of the way. Gabriel gets up and hits a drop kick on Jey as he gets up. Gabriel then hits a bulldog and goes for the pin. Jey kicks out at two.

    Gabriel goes for a clothesline but Jey dodges it and hits a super kick. Jey then crawls over and tags in Jimmy and Gabriel tags in Slater. Jimmy clotheslines Slater and throws Gabriel out of the ring. Jimmy hits another clothesline and then hits a body splash.

    Jimmy tags in Jey and he goes to the top rope. Jey goes for a frog splash, hits it on Slater, and goes for the pin but McGillicutty and Otunga storm the ring and beat down the Uso's. Slater and Gabriel come in and beat down McGillicutty and Otunga for costing them a match.

    Regal appears on the titantron and says that the teams are wasting time on his show.

    "If you guys want to fight so bad, do it at SummerSlam. Michale McGillicutty and David Otunga, you will defend your tag team titles against Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel and The Uso's on a triple threat tag team match."

    All three teams look at each other as we go to another commercial.

Match 2: Daniel Bryan vs. Brodus Clay

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    Daniel Bryan is out first to a good reaction.

    Brodus Clay makes his Smackdown return to some heat.

    Brodus goes after Bryan but he dodges him and hits a few kicks. Clay finally grabs Bryan and he throws him into the corner where he connects with a few right hands and a big running body splash.

    Brodus hits a suplex on Bryan and goes for the pin. Bryan kicks out at two and we continue the match. Clay goes for a big clothesline but Bryan counters and goes for the labell lock. Clay throws him off and connects with a big boot. Clay stands on top of Bryan's chest as the referee counts to four. Clay breaks the "hold" and throws Bryan into the corner.

    Clay goes for a running cloothesline but Bryan moves and Clay hits the turnbuckle. Bryan takes advantage of this and hits a big dropkick. Bryan goes to the top rope and hits Clay with a big missile dropkick. Bryan goes for the labell lock but again Clay breaks the hold. Bryan goes for a suplex but he can't lift Clay. Brodus then turns around and head-butts Bryan. Clay then hits a belly to belly and goes for the pin. Bryan kicks out at a close two.

    Clay lifts Bryan up and locks in a bear hug. Bryan manages to grab the ropes but Clay doesn't release the hold. The referee counts to five and Clay is disqualified. Brodus holds the move in a little bit longer and then throws Bryan to the mat.

    Clay walks off as the referee tends to Bryan.


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    The Miz is in Regal's "office" and he is telling him that he only needs one more victory to finally solve who the mystery letter writer is. Regal says that he is happy for the Miz but he already knows why Miz is here.

    "You want an easy opponent don't you, Miz?"

    "Regal, I can't afford to lose now, I need someone I know I can beat."

    "Well, if you are worried that you can't beat a certain..."

    "Hey! I can beat anyone in the WWE. I am the most must-see WWE Champion in history, OK? I can beat the next guy that walks through those doors!"

    "OK loud mouth, you think you can beat the next guy through the door? Let's see who that is."

    They both turn and wait and eventually someone comes through and Miz looks concerned but Regal just laughs as we head to commercial.

Match 3: The Miz vs. ?

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    The Miz comes out to nice heat and waits for his opponent.

    Mark Henry comes out with a mean look on his face and he gets in the ring.

    Miz begs him to just walk out but Henry clotheslines him. Henry throws the Miz into a corner and hits a splash. Henry then throws him into another corner but this time Miz dodges the splash. Miz slaps Henry in the face and Mark goes crazy.

    Miz runs to the outside but Henry chases after him. Henry catches the Miz and throws him into the steel steps. The referee is up to a count of seven when the Miz kicks the steps into Henry's knee. Mark goes down and Miz goes in the ring. The referee counts to ten and the Miz wins via countout. Miz celebrates but Henry grabs him and throws him into the corner and hits a clothesline.

    Henry goes for another splash but Miz rolls out of the ring and runs off to the back.

Match 4: Cody Rhodes vs. Trent Baretta

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    Rhodes is out first to nice heat.

    Baretta is out next to some cheers.

    Rhodes kicks Baretta in the gut as the match begins. Rhodes hits a dropkick and goes for the early pin but Baretta kicks out at one. Rhodes slaps Baretta in the head and hits a DDT.

    Rhodes throws Baretta in the corner and hits a kick to his head. Rhodes then hits a Cross Rhodes for the victory. Rhodes wins the match and goes to put a bag on Baretta's head when Ezekiel Jackson's music hits.

    Jackson comes out and runs to the ring to chase down Rhodes, but he flees to the crowd. Regal comes up on the screen and says that once again there is an interruption to his show.

    "Jackson, at SummerSlam you will take on Cody Rhodes for your Intercontinental Championship."

    Jackson smiles and Rhodes seems slightly concerned as we head to our last commercial.

Main Event: Randy Orton vs. Skip Sheffield

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    Skip Sheffield is out first. He is accompanied by William Regal and the Empire Alliance.

    Randy Orton is out next to a great reaction. He walks in the ring and stares at Barrett who simply mouths off and tells him to "come out here and do something."

    Orton starts to go to the outside but Skip hits him and pulls him in the ring as the match begins. Skip hits Orton with a right hand but Orton hits him with two rights and goes for a clothesline. Sheffield grabs Orton and hits a side slam.

    Sheffield waits for Orton to get to his feet and he hits a clothesline. Sheffield goes for the pin but Randy kicks out at two. Sheffield grabs Orton and goes for a military press but Orton slides out and hits a back breaker on Sheffield. Orton then hits a dropkick and Sheffield goes down. Orton goes for the pin but Sheffield kicks out at one.

    Sheffield gets up and Orton hits a powerslam on him. Orton sizes Sheffield up for an RKO but Sheffield pushes Orton off and goes for a big clothesline. Orton dodges it and hits a back breaker and an RKO. Next, Orton thinks about going for the pin but instead sizes Sheffield up for a punt to his skull. Barrett, Regal and McIntyre yell at Orton but he takes off. Sheamus goes into the ring and goes for a Brogue kick but Orton sees him and hits an RKO. The referee calls for the bell due to the interference and Orton wins.

    Regal and Barrett pull Sheffield out of the ring and take him away to the ramp. McIntyre gets up on the apron and Orton hits him with a spike DDT. Orton then changes his view to Sheamus and sizes him up for a punt. Orton takes off but McIntyre manages to pull Sheamus out, and they stumble up the ramp.

    Orton has a sinister look in his eye as he prepares for Sunday's title match.

Miz Backstage

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    Miz is walking backstage when he comes across Rosa and some other divas. Miz tries to act smooth but they all giggle and laugh at him. Miz has no idea what they are laughing at so he starts to walk off. He then overhears Rosa talking about how Miz isn't exactly the "biggest" superstar in the WWE.

    Miz: "What are you talking about?"

    Rosa: "Oh you know... girl things."

    Miz is angry and walks off when he again hears Rosa, this time cracking a joke that the Miz's favorite wrestling move is the "small package."

    Miz comes storming back but Rosa and the Divas laugh and walk off. Miz turns around and runs into Matt Striker, who has one last letter for the Miz.

    "Congrats tiny, looks like you have won enough matches to face me at SummerSlam. We have a chance to steal the show Miz. Just remember that if it wasn't for me, you wouldn't even be on the card. At SummerSlam The Miz will go one-on-one with..."

    The letter is ripped and the last part of the sentence can't be seen. On the back of the letter is the date 8/14/11, the date of SummerSlam.

    Miz tears the letter up and we fade out.


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    That concludes My Friday Night Smackdown.

    What did you think of the show?

    Here is my SummerSlam card for Sunday.


    WWE Championship

    John Cena(c) vs. CM Punk

    If Cena wins, Punk and Triple H quit the WWE. If Punk wins, he is the WWE champion and Triple H is in charge of the WWE with Vince being fired.


    World Heavyweight Championship

    Wade Barrett(c) vs. Randy Orton Lumberjack match (Empire Alliance is the lumberjacks)


    United States Championship

    Dolph Ziggler (c) vs. Skip Sheffield


    Intercontinental Championship

    Ezekiel Jackson (c) vs. Cody Rhodes


    Tag Team Championships

    Michale McGillicutty and David Otunga (c) vs. Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel vs. The Usos (triple-threat tag team match)


    Divas Championship

    Beth Phoenix (c) vs. Kelly Kelly vs. Brie Bella vs. Nikki Bella vs. Eve vs. Maryse (six-diva battle royal)

    The Miz vs. The Note Writer


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