Cardinals vs. Raiders: 5 Things to Expect from Kevin Kolb's Arizona Debut

John Rozum@Rozum27Correspondent IAugust 11, 2011

Cardinals vs. Raiders: 5 Things to Expect from Kevin Kolb's Arizona Debut

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    Finally his time has come, and his opportunity is here.

    Kevin Kolb has the chance to propel the Arizona Cardinals back atop the NFC West.

    He was a solid backup QB in Philadelphia, and performed very well when Andy Reid gave his the helm.

    Now, Kolb has earned himself a consistent starting role for a franchise only three years removed from the Super Bowl.

    A lot will be expected of him, as he has WR Larry Fitzgerald to hit anywhere on the field.

    Also, the Cardinals have some solid defensive players, so there's no excuse in not having a decent dark-side.

    All this said, here's what we can expect from Kevin's debut in The Grand Canyon State.

A Little Bit of Impatience

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    Let's face it, every QB at some point has gotten what they call "happy feet", and no one is exception to it, especially in the NFL.

    For Kevin Kolb, the butterflies will be zooming around in his stomach as he awaits the start of a new life with his career in Arizona.

    Also, since the lockout wasn't lifted until late-July, he hasn't been under the duress as much as previous years in training camp.


    Hasn't gotten the first-hit jitters out yet.

    Once he gets knocked around once or twice against the Oakland Raiders, he'll be back to normal.

    But at first, he'll be a tad nervous.

Lots of Energy

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    If Kevin Kolb doesn't come out with lots of energy and enthusiasm, then he's not who the Cardinals thought he was (cut to Dennis Green crying).

    Now, he doesn't have to be all gung-ho crazy, but it'll help if his teammates, coaches and the fans are well aware of how glad he is to be a Cardinal.

    Pump up the crowd, celebrate after a good play, congratulate teammates on offense, defense and special teams, despite it only being a preseason game.

    Even, support his backups once he comes out of the game, as well as the other backups at all positions.

Anxious to Send It Deep

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    For any QB that's played with having the luxury of Larry Fitzgerald lined up outside, bombing it deep has to be one of the first thoughts.

    And when Kolb sees a matchup that he likes, expect a cannon to explode as he launches one soaring to Fitz downfield.

    You know it's going to happen at least once.

Sense of Urgency

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    He's most likely going to want the ball first, and regardless of how the first series pans out, Kolb is going to be anxious to get back out there again.

    Now don't expect the Cardinals to come out running a no-huddle, although that's not too far-fetched of an idea either.

    In any event, Kevin Kolb is going to want to be out there more than he needs to be, but that's a good thing because it'll carry over into the regular season.


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    Don't be shocked if he doesn't want to come out when coach Ken Whisenhunt says to do so.

    Maybe Kevin talks him into getting one more series than planned, which isn't always a bad thing in the preseason.

    Also, when someone screws up on the field, he should confront them.

    That way, everyone will know that he means business and wants to win in Arizona.

    Perfect practice makes perfect, and being intense about fixing miscues is a definite attribute you want in your starting QB.