Moose, Don't Hibernate!

Patrick GildayContributor INovember 10, 2008

All I have to say is that Mike Mussina, probably the greatest pitcher over the last 14 years cannot retire! After winning his seventh gold glove and having his first 20 win season he should at least shoot for the 300 wins.

And of course do it with the team that can give him the best shot at it, the Yankees. I know Mussina has been playing for a long time now, and it is his decision to stay or retire, but all of the Yankee fans want to see him stay. Especially with Wang coming back next season, those are two aces in the hole already.

And if Andy can get it together for another year we have three Aces that teams all over the league would love to have as their best pitcher. The Yankees main problem, like their crosstown rivals the Mets, is middle relief. To get from the amazing starters to the ultimate closer.

But hey, I am just an ordinary guy writing on an ordinary website, it's not my decision it's Brian Cash...Oh wait I'm sorry I mean, Mr. Steinberner's decision.