Orlando Magic: Magic Slip 'N Fall, 5 Game Home Streak Not Meant To Be

Matt SheaCorrespondent INovember 10, 2008

The emotions were high, the stakes were great, and the blazers pulled out a back breaker over the Magic. It seemed to me that most of the 3rd Quarter was in a hazy sort of view behind my eyes, I don't know whether the poor performance and jack up shots mentality was what was causing my stomach to lurch, or whether it was just feeling truly sick. Either way, the Magic are starting to miss and pass up on wide open jumpers. To me, the 29% 3 pt line kind of sends a message doesn't it? No, i'm not saying a MASSAGE, yet a MESSAGE! This is a bi-product of not swinging the ball properly and not playing with the sense of drive-n-kick that the Magic are so good at. Set aside the fact that there was history made, the team was basing Dwight's performance to back in the days of Shaq it seemed, where Shaq would go and score like 50 and everything was hunky-dory. Yet, in this predicament, we find that the influx of playmaker's will cause early dominance and overconfidence to come back to bite you in the end. Hopefully the Magic will have an impressive game against OKC tomorrow night, if not, well HERE WE GO, just another crazy WOT SEASON!