Consistency The Name Of The Game For The Bulls

Scott GlissonCorrespondent INovember 10, 2008

At times they have looked great, but at times they have looked awful.  Such is life so far for the young Chicago Bulls.

The Bulls haven’t won a game on the road this season.  Sure, that means they are 0-3 on the road, but that could be significant if that trend continues.

They are also 1-4 in the conference.  That is not good, especially since they have lost twice to Cleveland.  In the case of any tiebreakers for playoff spots at the end of the season, a losing record in the conference is not good.

Derrick Rose has been one of the shinning moments in the Bulls early season. 
This kid is looking really, really good.  He is averaging 17.7 points per game, 3.90 rebounds per game and 5.1 assists per game.  He is shooting the ball at 45 percent, hitting 83 percent of his foul shots, and he is mixing it up with some of the biggest names in the NBA.

Ben Gordon has also been another solid bench player.  He is not starting again this season, but seems to have found his spot on the team.  Speaking of the bench, in their last game against Phoenix, Chicago’s bench scored over 40 points.

With all these positives it is still disappointing to see their record at 3-4.  But have no fear, it is still very early and I would expect to see a lot more consistency out of this young team.  And yes, I will still call them a young team, especially with the addition of Rose.

While I do not see Chicago making it very far in the playoffs (if they get there) I think we should see lots of improvement this season.  They are not as good as a Cleveland or Detroit, but Chicago has a good team.

Hopefully we will have many exciting wins this season.