WWE Roster Analysis: Monday Night Raw

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WWE Roster Analysis: Monday Night Raw

It's no secret that the WWE has issues in how it books its Superstars, rather choosing to place all focus on a certain bunch and not even capitalise on all their work by booking their entire pay-per-view card in advance to give each match proper buildup.

They tend to throw a match or two on the card the night of the pay-per-view, or choose to announce matches via WWE.com and not on Raw or SmackDown.

Where many WWE Superstars tend to be used every week and often appear on each pay-per-view, there are those that are frequently neglected and are given nothing other than the occasional Superstars match or brief backstage appearance in a segment completely unrelated to them. It's quite silly when you think about the fact the tag team division has no real meaning, but also that the two mid-card championships aren't given nearly enough significant focus.

The WWE Championship and World Heavyweight Championship are the only two titles that have any significant meaning. The rest are basically just props.

That's why I have decided to take a look at the talent on Raw and SmackDown and discuss what I feel should be done with them to liven up not only their careers, but also certain aspects of the WWE, starting with Raw.

Not to be sexist, but I will not be looking at the Divas division, and the reason is because it's pretty simple what the WWE need to do there to improve it: use Divas that can actually wrestle, give them more television time and create some decent feuds. Sounds simple enough...

Throughout this analysis, I will class Superstars in three grades—top mid-carder, mid-carder or tag team division. Top mid-carders are those Superstars that are more than credible as a mid-card champion, but aren't quite there when it comes to the main-event scene.

A mid-carder is a singles Superstar that doesn't have much of a singles career to date and needs to build some credibility in the division.

As for the tag team division grade, this is for those Superstars that have nothing going for them and would be ideal candidates to build up a division that lacks teams and any real competition.

To begin, I will split the main-eventers away from the rest of the roster. I view the Raw main-eventers as being Superstars that are often used in the WWE Championship scene, or at least just outside it, and are more than credible around the title. They include Alberto Del Rio, Big Show, CM Punk, John Cena, John Morrison, The Miz, Rey Mysterio and R-Truth.

Some people may disagree with Morrison and possibly Truth, but they're easily a step above those that I have yet to mention, so classing them in the main event is suitable.

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