NBA Style: Top 10 Streaky Shooters

David WangAnalyst IAugust 11, 2011

NBA Style: Top 10 Streaky Shooters

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    Streaky shooters, you either love them or hate them. Or both.

    These shooters can be sizzling hot when they catch fire, but when they are cold, you just sit and watch in frustration.

    Many streaky shooters have been the factor in winning games and even championships, while some are merely performing for Youtube's highlight reels.  Either way, these shooters know how to score and they don't come better than the following 10.  These guys are arguably the streakiest ballers in the NBA.

Mike Miller (Miami Heat)

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    I love Mike Miller. He's a great hustler, great team player, and really understands the game. He works hard and tries his very best all the time.

    But man is he a streaky shooter.  You just get so frustrated watching him stroke the three in games because everyone knows he can score. We've seen him shoot lights out, but more often than not, he's ice cold.  Just bricks after bricks.

    Last season, this may be caused by his thumb and shoulder injury. But even prior to his stint with the Heat, Miller is just so streaky.

Joe Johnson (Atlanta Hawks)

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    Joe Johnson, what can I say?

    That huge contract really did not help with his jumper.  After signing the max contract with the Hawks, Joe Johnson really seemed to stop caring. In turn, he became streakier than ever.

    Prior to his massive contract, Johnson showed the NBA why he could be the franchise player during the playoffs.  He goes on fire quickly and stays hot, scoring buckets after buckets.  But when he's cold, it's really not all that surprising to see his stat line read 3-14 or 5-17 from the field.  Not surprising at all.

Danny Granger (Indiana Pacers)

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    Granger's got a good stroke, but it doesn't always sink. When he's on fire, he can light it up from downtown.  In fact, he's more consistent from downtown than most other people on this list.

    Yet, streakiness still catches up with him from time to time, and you will see the below-40 percent field-goal averages on his stat line every once in a while.

Channing Frye (Phoenix Suns)

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    Despite having one of the best strokes in the game for a big man, and having a good three-point percentage for the season, Frye is inconsistent, at best.  Last season, some late-game heroics put him over the top as a three-point shooting threat, but honestly, he really is a streaky shooter.

    Like most three-point shooters, he can be just as hot and he is cold. But the problem with Frye is, aside from three-pointers, he doesn't really give you much else.

OJ Mayo (Memphis Grizzlies)

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    OJ Mayo is a great young talent in the league. He has a beautiful shot and can score with the best of them.  But at this stage, he is still streaky.  When he's on fire, he puts up buckets like Kobe Bryant, but when he's cold, he continues to force shots up.

    However, he still has a great future in the league and I really hope he can stay with the Grizzlies.

Monta Ellis (Golden State Warriors)

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    Monta Ellis has one of the lowest efficiency ratings in all of NBA. Yes, that is a fact.  He is a ball hog and is relentless in putting up shots.

    But that aside, you can't argue with the fact that this guy can score.  He really can put up buckets after buckets; the only problem really being his streakiness. If he stays hot the whole game, I wouldn't be surprised to see him average 30+ points.

Ray Allen (Boston Celtics)

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    Ray Allen is the best shooter in the history of the NBA. I really do not want to put him on this list, but in the end, I had to. Simply because he fits the definition of streaky.  If you are angry with me, let me explain.

    When Allen is on a roll, he can light it up. We all know that. I mean, this guy sets NBA records with his shot.  But you have to admit, on nights when his shot isn't falling, you really really do feel frustrated. Especially so when the game is a significant one.

    I'm not saying Ray Allen is a bad shooter, but he is streaky.  It's just that when he's hot, he's hotter than anyone else in the league.

Jason Terry (Dallas Mavericks)

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    Jason Terry, the now NBA champion, is one of the biggest reasons why Dallas took home the trophy in the 2011 NBA Finals. But that all has to do with Terry's ability to get hot and the able to sizzle also means you have to be cold sometimes. That is exactly who Jason Terry is. He is as streaky as you will find in the NBA, but when he's hot, well, LeBron James knows how that feels.

Jamal Crawford (Atlanta Hawks)

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    Jamal Crawford is one of the best shooters in the NBA.  He can really light it up from everywhere on the court.  He currently holds all records that have something to do with four-point-plays.

    However, when he's cold, man do I feel bad for the Hawk fans. It must be a pain to watch him brick shots after shots just when you need them to fall.

J.R. Smith (Denver Nuggets)

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    Sometimes I really feel bad for J.R. Smith. I mean, this guy could be a franchise player, NBA All-Star and potentially more.  His offensive abilities are off the chains.

    Yet, the shame comes in that his attitude and work ethic get in the way. It really is a shame, because when Smith is hot, oh man—just YouTube his highlights. The only word I can think of is... DAMN.