Big Changes Coming...

Kit KitchensCorrespondent INovember 11, 2008

In the meantime, here are some quick hits for you:

1) PWD takes a great look at the Defense. I'm not completely on the "Fire Willie" bandwagon, but I'm certainly on the "significant improvement" bandwagon. Something's missing. I don't know if anyone really has their finger solely on the cause yet.

2) The Good Senator has a post on passion and how a playoff would kill that. I think when all is said and done this year, the drumbeat for a playoff will be louder than ever.

3) Since I don't believe I will be able to break down the Kentucky game this week due to all the other stuff I have going on, but David Hale does a helluva job. One that's so good, that I might just not ever write one again. I know a lot of you guys miss Ching, but for my money, and no offense to Ching, I think Hale is just as good if not better. 

4) Lastly, another great read about some knee jerk reactions and final thoughts on  Kentucky from Ally. If you wanted to relive what it felt like on Saturday, that's your post.

Again, I hope to have some good news (and a new link for you to chew on) in the next few days, but it probably won't happen until Wednesday. Sorry, but some other stuff takes precedence right now.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.