What Are We Paying These Guys For Anyways!?

Patrick GildayContributor INovember 10, 2008

     Back in the old days professional athletes had second jobs. They played the game purely for the love of it. They didn't really get that much, in fact they must have gotten an insignificant amount if they were working two jobs. Today the paycheck minimum in baseball is $400,000. That is ridiculous. There are teachers working twice as hard, and doing much more for our children and are making a pathetic salary. Does anybody see this? And even in this terrible economy A-rod is making a quarter of a billion dollars which is thousands of dollars for just an at bat. Not too mention his pluses when he hits certain milestones. And the nerve of these players to be holding out, and complaining about how bad they are treated and how sad they are. Than to complain that they are underpaid for their ability, why don't they just shut up and play the game just for the love of it. I mean isn't that shoe deal, or Gatorade endorsement giving you enough money for the rest of your life and than more!? The salary of these "men" is out of hand, they should take that money and give to more deserving, hard working, important individuals.