10 Most Effective UFC Fighting Styles

BR StudiosFeatured ColumnistAugust 11, 2011

Frankie Edgar, Cain Velasquez, BJ Penn and Dan Henderson. These are just a handful of the fighters that have made the UFC the global brand that it is today. The sport continues to explode in popularity, and that expansion has also seen an increase in the variety of styles that are displayed in the Octagon. 

More wrestler than fighter. More boxing than wrestling. A college fighter, or someone more school in jiu-jitsu. The UFC doesn’t care, as long as you bring it with an attitude. 

Which of the fighting styles is the most successful? Which fighter demonstrates the right balance and mixture needed to earn and retain a belt? All of these guys are athletes, but whose technique separates them from the rest? 

Bleacher Report takes a look at 10 styles, and the fighters who utilize them. Is GSP’s approach the best one? What about Jon Jones? Which champion’s style is best suited for the long haul? Take a look and let us know who’s your favorite, and what style is the best for UFC.

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