Sportscenter Rerun Number 1,679

Patrick GildayContributor INovember 10, 2008

So here's a quick realization about Sportscenter. Number one, it is good to watch once, maybe even twice in case you missed something. But do we really need re-run after re-run with the same thing?

The answer is obviously no.

The show is good the first time around, but after hearing the cheesy lines they use in the highlights it gets old after awhile. And what is with the praising of New England teams!? Red Sox nation? The Patriot's dynasty!? The Boston Celtics!? These teams are the most overrated teams ever. Just because the Red Sox won in '04 the entire ESPN team has been acting like they are the Mecca of sports champions.

Here is a little fact for the ESPN team, the Yankees have 26, let me say that again 26, World Series Championships. No one comes close. Also the names, Ruth, Mantle, Yogi, Dimaggio, Marris, Jackson, Jeter. The Red Sox have no one in their history except for Ted Williams who his 400 once. The network needs to overhaul its programing.

The Baseball tonight's savvy intellectuals are really the creme DE la creme. They have no idea whats going on in baseball besides whats happening with the Red Sox. I am just overly upset at how despicable the programming has gotten.


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    Iconic Sports Illustrated Writer Deford Dies at Age 78

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