Raptors Talk Trade with Warriors and Bobcats

Jaime IrvineCorrespondent INovember 10, 2008

Last week, we saw a blockbuster trade in which Allen Iverson was shipped from the Denver Nuggets to the Detroit Pistons. NBA teams may not be done wheeling and dealing and word is there is plenty of talk regarding a new trade.

Al Harrington has made it known that he wants out of Golden State and the Warriors are trying to accommodate him as quickly as possible.

With the Bobcats starting out 2-4 and coached by one Larry Brown, they are desperate to make moves as well and have said previously that they are shopping Gerald Wallace. Now, according to the Globe and Mail, the Raptors have talked with both the Warriors and Bobcats about a trade.

The question is who would the Raptors give up in such a move? The sources say that both teams have asked forAndrea Bargnani, the former #1 draft pick from Italy. Colangelo is hesitant to move the Italian and remains bullish to his long-term potential, while head coach Sam Mitchell is in a win-now mentality.

After trading for Jermaine O’Neil,  I believe the Raptors had officially moved into the win-now type of philosophy and took what I deemed a gamble on some weak knees. Obviously, the head coach is going to feel the same way as coaches are fired on wins and losses and not on potential. However, is it the right move for Colangelo and ultimately the Raptors organization?

Harrington and Wallace are pretty similar players and I do not really value one greater than the other. However, Harrington’s contract is friendlier and expires in 2010. Therefore, of the two, I would look at grabbing Harrington over Wallace.

The Raptors are definitely in need of perimeter scoring, having been outscored on the perimeter 143-84 over the past three games. I do not believe Moon, Calderon and Parker give you the outside scoring punch that you need to go deep into the playoffs. But, does Harrington solve this problem?

Harrington is a tweener in my mind going from the three to the four. He has a decent outside touch and can hit the three fairly consistently. Harrington has never been much of a rebounder, but I am unsure if the Raptors desperately need him on the boards as they have JO and Bosh to eat the glass.

I do think adding Harrington would be an upgrade to the team but only slightly. The Raptors could plug him in to start at the three and bring Moon off the bench or have Harrington be the sixth man, a role he flourished at early in his career with the Pacers. They would have a better third scoring option and Harrington would bring a little extra toughness to a soft team.

Overall, however, I do not think the trade is that beneficial to the Raptors. I do not see adding Harrington puts them over the hump and into the upper echelon of Eastern Conference teams. This trade would not make them better than the Pistons, Celtics or the Cavs. Why make a move if it only makes your team marginally better?

Therefore, if I were Colangelo, I wouldn’t make the move and would hold onto Bargnani. He is a 7-footer who is still very young. There is plenty of time for him to mature and his best years are ahead of him. If there was a better option on the perimeter than Harrington, then I would say make the move, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.