WWE SummerSlam 2011: 5 Bold Predictions for the Punk-Cena Showdown

TJ Nagy@@tj_nagyAnalyst IIIAugust 12, 2011

WWE SummerSlam 2011: 5 Bold Predictions for the Punk-Cena Showdown

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    In less then a week we will finally decide who is the one and only WWE champion. Both CM Punk and John Cena have done fantastic jobs at creating a tremendous amount of buzz for the biggest showdown of the Summer, and now with HHH involved, there's no doubt that the entire WWE Universe will be on the edge of their seats when this match finally rolls around.

    This match is definitely going to be filled with tons of action, and you can bet that the WWE has a few surprises up their sleeves for a match with this much anticipation.

    No matter what, this showdown is going to be a huge turning point for the WWE and may even usher in an entirely new era. With this huge rivalry being the hottest thing in the WWE right now, there's no doubt that these two men are going to pull out all the stops and definitely make this match one of the greatest SummerSlam main events in history.  

    With just a couple of days left, here's a few things I think we'll see this Sunday at SummerSlam once Punk and Cena finally go toe-to-toe in Los Angeles. 

1. John Cena Will Be Looked at as the Heel

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    John Cena has been hearing plenty of boos over the last several months. People are starting to get very tired of his winning ways, and no matter what he does or where he is, he just can't seem to find any love from the WWE fans.

    Nowadays, however, people don't boo him simply because of who he is, they hate him these days because he is the sworn enemy of the hottest name in wrestling right now, CM Punk. Punk has become the voice of the voiceless in the WWE, making Cena look like the bad guy trying to destroy any momentum CM Punk and his fans now have.

    And Punk certainly has A LOT of fans. It'll definitely show too in L.A.

    I'm not saying that Cena will be a true heel; at this point I don't think that will ever happen. He'll obviously have the entire Cenation behind him once he steps into SummerSlam. But if someone who has never watched wrestling tunes in to this event, the crowd's reaction will make it seem to him/her that Cena is quite a hated character, while Punk is the clear fan favorite.

    The WWE has a very tough decision when it comes to Cena. Even though he still remains their top star, its clear that older fans are starting to get very tired of his gimmick. Unless they make a big change soon, it might be too late for Cena to gain back the presence he once had to the millions of WWE fans.

    Which leads me to my next slide...

2. John Cena Will Win the Crowd Over During the Match

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    John Cena came into Chicago last month as the mortified enemy of an entire city, and even though he left without a title, he left with tons of respect from many critics.

    That night in Chicago, Cena showed that he could actually wrestle, putting to bed that Five Moves of Doom trash. Now he has to prove that lightning can actually strike twice.

    I think Cena is going to put on the match of his life this Sunday, he has to if he wants to remain the top face of a changing company. Punk is quickly becoming the biggest reason that people tune into Raw, and I'm sure Cena notices. 

    I think that Cena is going to come into L.A. with an entirely new attitude, an attitude we haven't seen since he was wearing Masterlocks around his neck. No smiles, no corny promos, just sheer emotion, the thing that Cena is best at in the entire WWE. 

    Once this match starts, expect Cena to show exactly what he's capable of in the ring, with great spots, and some highly technical moves. As Punk continues to try to wear Cena down, Cena will continue to fight back, maybe even kick out on a GTS or two.

    As this happens, the crowd attitude just might start to change, and although Cena won't win back every fan in the arena, he will be respected, and for a guy like Cena that's all that matters.

    This match will look a lot like the fight that these two had in Chicago, with maybe one minor exception... 

3. The Match Will Turn into a No Hold Barred Brawl

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    Last month, both Cena and Punk put on a wrestling clinic in Chicago. The match had amazing chemistry and bounced back and forth more than any match I can remember in recent history. 

    I expect nothing less then another awesome match between these two on Sunday, but I also think that, due to the circumstances, we're guaranteed to see some carnage.

    HHH is a man who was always known as someone who would do anything to get the win, even if that meant getting his hands a little dirty. In fact, he may be the dirtiest wrestler of his generation.

    Now that he's named himself special guest referee for Cena and Punk's match, I expect the Cerebral Assassin to turn a blind eye to any malicious tactics by both men. Its going to take more then just a straight wrestling match to take any of these two men down, so expect some chairs to get thrown into the mix.

    Punk will be more likely to grab the first foreign object, and from there it's anything goes. Expect a table or two to be broken as well.

    Still...even with all this destruction going on around him, don't expect HHH to stay inactive through the whole match. The man has admitted he has a ego, and there's a good chance he also has a hidden agenda as well.

    Which leads me to my next prediction...

4. HHH Will Choose Sides in This Match, and It Will Cost Punk the Title

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    There's no doubt that Hunter's involvement in this match changes the entire landscape of SummerSlam. Something big is going to happen on Sunday, and there's no doubt in anyone's mind that HHH will be a huge reason why.

    Throughout the buildup though, it seems that HHH holds a little more animosity towards CM Punk. Yes, Hunter did re-sign him, but, watching the two converse, it's very clear that there is definitely some bad blood between the two. Sooner or later, all of it is going to spill over, and there's a good chance that will happen at SummerSlam.

    Cena also has made it clear that he has a beef with the way his new boss is handling things, but not to the extent that Punk has. Its clear that Cena is the man who has simply accepted the current situation, while Punk is the catalyst for change, a man who won't bow down to an authoritative figure like HHH. His little appearance at Comic-Con proved that, and a feud is clearly being set up between the two men. 

    I'm sure HHH doesn't want a punk (sorry for the pun) like that winning the undisputed title. Right when the title is in Punk's grasp, I expect The Game to strike, costing Punk the match and making Cena the undisputed WWE Champion.

    In my opinion, I'm expecting a replay of the Montreal Screwjob, where Cena locks the STF(U) and wins the match without Punk ever tapping. It'll make both men still seem very strong without either taking a fair loss. 

    Afterwards, Cena will most definitely be upset, and although he may draw heat from the fans, he certainly won't be too proud of his new title. There's a good chance he'll let the ref know that too.

    Controversy creates cash, and just like the Montreal Screwjob ushered in the Attitude Era, the Los Angeles Screwjob just might bring forth another new era for the WWE.  

    Plus, a Cena victory over Punk, whether fair or not, will ensure that this rivalry continues, and will lead to probably one more match at Night Of Champions.


5. Alberto Del Rio Cashes in His MITB and Wins

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    Yup, that's right. I predict ADR to cash in his briefcase and win his first WWE Championship, and here's how I see it happening.

    After the match, Cena and HHH will exchange some heated words, and Cena will make clear that he did not need his boss' help, nor does he think HHH is the right person to lead the WWE thanks to his ego. All of this will lead to The Game hitting a very tired Cena with his pedigree and then maybe even whacking him with a sledgehammer for good measure.

    After HHH starts to leave, ADR will run out, hit Punk in the back of his head on his way down the ramp (they did just wrestle last Monday night) and then proceed to take Cena out and win his first WWE Championship.

    Why do I think this? Well, first off, Rey Mysterio gets his rematch the next night on Raw, I don't expect another Cena-Mysterio match, and Punk-Mysterio has happened so many times I think I'd break my TV if I was forced to watch it again.

    Plus, ADR is a great heel and has had a longtime rivalry with Rey. The match would have great chemistry and would allow the WWE to show off their new champion the next night in a title match. It would make ADR look like a legitimate champ as well if he's able to beat Rey clean. 

    After a quick ADR-Cena-Punk match at Night of Champions, the WWE can leave Cena in the title picture while Punk can go start a spectacular feud with his boss, HHH.

    But I don't want to get too ahead of myself, just don't expect Cena or Punk to leave L.A. with the WWE Title.  


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    So there you have it, five incredibly bold predictions for the biggest showdown of the Summer. This feud between Punk and Cena has turned into the hottest thing in WWE for quite some time, and I expect tons of surprises at SummerSlam once this match rolls around.

    Whether or not these predictions come true, I truly believe that this will easily be one of the best and most intense matches of the year. These two men represent two very different components of the WWE Universe, and when they collide there's no telling what the outcome might be.

    Throw a legend like HHH into the mix and there's no way a true WWE fan can resist such an awesome combination. 

    Its going to get very interesting on Sunday, and if the WWE can book it properly, this match will undoubtedly be a classic.