WWE News: FCW and Former-NXT Diva's Promotion to SmackDown Has Been Delayed

Al ConstableSenior Analyst IAugust 10, 2011

You guys all watched NXT Season 3 right? You know the one with all the Divas. Well probably not, but for those of you that did it has been reported by Wrestlescoop that Maxine was due to be promoted to the SmackDown roster but has now been put "on-hold" by officials.

It is believed that she was going to be given the role of Tyson Kidd's manager, thus giving payoff to the angle played out on Superstars. However Maxine apparently caused a “breach of etiquette” and thus her promotion was stopped.

In her place, fellow Diva rookie Aksana will be sent to work on SmackDown.

I suppose it's a shame since Maxine was one the better contestants on her season (although most will remember that terrible match with Kaitlyn) but Aksana at least has some experience on the major shows after working an angle with Ted DiBiase, Maryse and Goldust last year on Raw.

Still, we will have to wait and see if she has improved in the ring and deserves to be on the main roster.

Maxine has tried to throw ideas out to the fans via Twitter occasionally, such as when she asked the WWE fans whether the Nexus should accept a female member. These could be the breaches of etiquette WWE are referring to, since they hate spoilers—especially ones from within the company.

Hopefully she will learn from this mistake and eventually make it to the roster, as she did seem to portray a different type of character in comparison to other Divas.

Variation is never a bad thing when the female roster of today's WWE is considered.