Romeo Crennel Going Down with the Ship?

Bobby CashContributor INovember 10, 2008

The fans realize it. The team looks like they are beginning to realize it. Maybe even he realizes it. Romeo Crennel's tenure as the head coach of the Cleveland Browns is all but over.

After becoming only the fifth team in NFL history to blow consecutive double-digit second-half home leads on Thursday night the Browns' head man probably lost his team, and maybe his job. I, personally, have never seen anything like what happened on Thursday night at Cleveland Browns Stadium.

And now reports are coming out that some Browns players feel that others quit during their primetime game against the Denver Broncos.

Jamal Lewis ripped into his teammates, stating that some players "need to check their egos at the door." Josh Cribbs questioned whether or not all of his teammates went all out for a full four quarters.

Those types of things are not good within a locker room, and it all reflects poorly on the coach.

Both Lewis and Cribbs' statements cannot go unnoticed. It is not like they are two backups lashing out. One is a Super Bowl-winning running back who had 84 all purpose yards and a touchdown. The other had 135 return yards, good for a 27 yard average on the night.

Defensive captain Andra Davis said Monday that guys like Lewis and Cribbs are listened to within the locker room because they have credibility.

It was supposed to be a breakout night—the franchise QB getting his first NFL start, at home, under the lights, primetime game. Yet everything went so very wrong in the fourth quarter.

How a defense can allow 21 points in the final 15 minutes of a game baffles my mind. And all your head coach had to say afterwards was "a 93-yard touchdown should never happen—ever." Well, Romeo, it did, and that was one of about 10 to 12 plays that made the Browns defense look embarrassing.

Romeo Crennel has finally lost his team. No sooner did the Broncos complete their 34-30 comeback than the Browns' hopes for the playoffs come to a crashing end.

The ship took on a lot of water after blowing a 14-point lead to the division rival Ravens. After blowing a 13-point lead to the always hated Broncos the ship is sinking and Crennel, like any captain, is going down with his ship.


Bright Notes from Thursday Night's Game

Brady Quinn looked the part of the quarterback of the future. Still questions linger about his arm strength, but we all saw something we never saw from Derek Anderson: a pocket presence.

He has a great feel for the pocket and that gives him an extra second to let a receiver get open. He took very few shots down the field, but with the way Braylon has been dropping the ball, can you blame him for checking down to Kellen Winslow?


•Kellen Winslow had over 100 yards receiving and two touchdowns. But what impressed me the most was his comments after the game in which he dropped a sure catch in the late drive.

Still fuming during an interview he told reporters, "The great ones, the legends make those plays. That's where I want to be and I'm going to take it as a lesson."

You have not heard any accountability like that from a certain receiver on the Browns who leads the NFL in drops.


•Even more admirable was Quinn, who said he told the team this loss was totally on him. I, however, don't know how anyone in the locker room could believe that coming from a guy who completed over 65 percent of his passes and threw for over 230 yards with two touchdowns and zero interceptions.


•Josh Cribbs' performance in the last two games has shown everyone in the NFL that he is one of the elite returners in the game. Oh, and he leads the team in special teams tackles, too!


•Sure, Brady Quinn was only one of three on passes over 11 yards. But he was also 22 of 32 on all of his other passes. Quinn reads the defense and if nothing presents itself down field he is completely content with dumping the ball off underneath.

Too many times we saw Derek Anderson go deep and after a drop or incompletion left the team with a second or third and long. With Quinn we saw a lot of third and manage-ables because he takes the yards wherever he can get them.

With time he will find the deep ball, but for now his ability to take what the defense gives him shows that he is the quarterback of the future for the Browns.