Oregon Ducks Football: Best Offensive Linemen of All Time

Alex ShoemakerAnalyst IIAugust 10, 2011

Oregon Ducks Football: Best Offensive Linemen of All Time

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    Here is the fourth piece examining the greatest Ducks to ever play for the green and yellow. We now take a look at Oregon's finest offensive linemen.

    There really aren't any ways of evaluating a lineman's skill statistically, which makes this evaluation process very difficult.

    (Note: Rankings are based off of statistical performance with the Ducks, as well as leadership ability and performance in professional football. Feel free to comment below if you agree or disagree with any of these choices.)

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Honorable Mentions:

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    Pat Matson: Matson played three seasons with the Ducks at tackle, and earned all-American honors in that time. Matson also had an outstanding NFL career playing 10 seasons for multiple teams.

    George Christensen: He was voted an all-American his senior season.

    Steve Barnett: He continued his great Oregon career into the NFL, playing two seasons with Chicago and Washington.

    Bob Peterson: Peterson was award the 1958 Hoffman Trophy that goes to the team's overall most valuable player in a team vote.

10. Fred Quillan

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    Quilan played a multitude of positions across the o-line for the Ducks from 1975-77.

    Quilan is remembered by most football fans for his contributions in the NFL in which he played for 10 seasons including a pro-bowl appearance.

9. Geoff Schwartz

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    One of Oregon’s best offensive guards to ever wear the green and lightning yellow.

    Schwartz along with the rest of the starting line saw the likes of great running backs Jonathon Stewart, Jeremiah Johnson and Terrence Whitehead.

8. Enoka Lucas

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    Lucas, like Schwartz was the face of some of Oregon’s best offensive lines.

    At the center position, Lucas had the important job of anchoring the offensive line and snapping the football to whichever Oregon quarterback was playing.

    Don’t let the need for a great center go overlooked.

    Oregon's succes would not have been the same with a lesser center.

7. Dave Tobey

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    The 1966 Oregon offensive line might have been the best in UO history, as the Ducks had two All-Americans in Tobey and Pat Matson.

    Tobey played both sides of the ball, center on offense and linebacker on defense.

6. Adam Snyder

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    Snyder was a part of the 2001 Oregon team that nearly won a national championship.

    Snyder’s tough playing style and football I.Q. lead him to one of the greatest careers of any Oregon lineman.

    He now plays for the 49ers.

5. Jim Adams

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    Since 1992 when Oregon started awarding the Ed Moshofsky award to the best offensive lineman, Adams is one of only three players to be given that award twice.

    The other two are also on this list.

4. Dan Weaver

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    As mentioned in the previous slide, Weaver is one of those players two be honored twice with the Ed Moshofsky award.

    From 2002-2003, Weaver was Oregon’s best offensive lineman.

    The 300+ lbs monster wrecked havoc on the line.

3. John (Jack) Beckett

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    Beckett in 1972 was inducted into the College Football HOF.

    As a Ducks lineman from 1913-1916, Beckett garnered national praise and is an icon to Ducks historians.

2. Max Unger

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    Unger is probably the most skilled lineman in Oregon history.

    He essentially earned his starting spot the day he walked onto campus, and he is the only lineman to start every game of his career.

    Unger is currently a Seattle Seahawk.

1. Gary Zimmerman

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    Three words: Hall of Fame.

    It’s hard to not put one of the six Oregon Ducks football players in the NFL HOF on top of their respective lists.

    Zimmerman was a beast both in college and professionally, and he is the greatest offensive lineman in Ducks history.