Curse Of The Great Bam-Tino?

Patrick GildayContributor IFebruary 1, 2017

With the Yankees not making the playoffs for the first time in over a decade, it has a lot of loyal fans scratching their heads. If the Yankees are spending the most money on the greatest stars, then why aren't they winning the World Series every year?

Well as a Yankees fan I expect nothing less than the World Series every year. But the only problem with the Yankees is they are signing players of forgotten lore. The best years of almost all the players on the Yankees are behind them, and the "up and coming" stars like Cano are not panning out as we'd like.

As a loyal fan my whole life, I can't help but notice how we haven't won a World Series in many years. About the same time we released one of the greatest Yankee personalities, and my personal favorite player of all time, Tino Martinez. Ever since he left us the team has hit a wall that it just can not get beyond. I am not saying it is a official curse, but one must at least consider it a possibility.

Now I know Tino helps out here and there with hitting and fielding for the first basemen but still it is not the same, he is not a full time player, or coach. Just take a second to consider the possibility and then go on with your life.