Los Angeles: Déjà Vu for the Lakers

Clublakers.comAnalyst IJanuary 29, 2008

Is it all doom and gloom for the Los Angeles Lakers now? 

Has the injuries sent the déjà vu to levels where all we can do now is accept our fate and hope the differences in our chemistry will pull us through a tough first round matchup?  You know déjà vu is a weird feeling, but that’s all it is—a feeling, we control our own destinies IMHO and that goes the same for the Lakers as an individual. 

Sure some things are beyond our control, but let’s not get wound up in the superstitious mumbo jumbo that the press are happy to jump on when it indicates a bad run for LA!

 Even as I type it I cringe—what’s wrong with people that all we can do is focus on the negative.  Did we honestly believe this was one of those dream seasons from start to finish where everything would be laid on a plate for us?  How do you cope with adversity if the first time you meet it is in the playoffs? Just ask Dallas last year. 

You have to go through tough spells to achieve real success—you often learn more in defeat than victory—they key here is you must learn if you want to avoid that same thing next time and not just accept the defeat as fate.

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