Brett Favre Vs. Aaron Rodgers; Week Ten

David ArreolaSenior Analyst INovember 10, 2008

Welcome friends to the tenth edition of "Brett Favre Vs. Aaron Rodgers." The midpoint in the season has come and gone meaning its time for the boys to drop out, and the men to step up.

Last week I gave Aaron Rodgers the win. Much to my surprise, the B/R community disagreed with me and favored Favre.

You know how much I hate small talk, lets go prime time (sorry Deion, would you like me to pay you royalties?)

Week Ten

Green Bay Packers    27
Minnesota Vikings     28

Aaron Rodgers: 15-26 146yds

The Good: I can't think of much to put here. Rodgers did prove (somewhat) his ability to work under pressure. With less than two minutes in the game Rodgers drove the Packers into field goal territory to give Mason Crosby a chance to win the game. I know a 51yd field goal is no gimme, but for Mason Crosby it is well within range of his bionic leg.

I will mention that Rodgers did not get a shred of protection. It looked like the Packers offensive line had never seen a linebacker blitz in their life. I haven't seen a quarterback run for his life like Rodgers did since the Super Bowl. So props to Rodgers, he hung tough.

The Bad: How much time do you have? Lets face it this was a BAD game for Rodgers. He was inaccurate and failed to move the offense. It was the defense and special teams that kept the Packers in this game.

He couldn't pick up the blitzes the Vikings were bringing and panicked whenever pressure came. If I were Aaron Rodgers and Mason Crosby had made that field goal, I would take the entire team out for a "My Bad" dinner.


St. Louis Rams   3
New York Jets    47

Brett Favre: 14-19 167yds, 1 TD

The Good: Game manager is a term that people have come to think is an insult. It is not.  Its only an insult if that is the only thing they say about you. Brett Favre is everything a quarterback should be except a game manager. Up until he met Eric Mangini. For the second straight week Favre has been patient with the ball and has been deadly accurate. He only had five incomplete passes and looked razor sharp today, hitting all his receivers in stride.

Unlike last week, Favre's offense capitalized in the red zone by scoring four touchdowns in the red zone. The game was over midway through the second quarter. Brett Favre wasn't spectacular, but he did all he needed to.

The Bad: Favre lucked out twice today. He had two picks come right off the hands of Rams defenders. Those dropped picks didn't decide the game, but they could have made the score line look somewhat respectable. Other than that Favre had a good day. Normally I would complain that he didn't do enough for his team to help win. But he put Thomas Jones in position to score those three TDs he had. 47-3? No complaints.

The Pick
Do I even need to say it? Brett Favre is the clear victor this week. Not only did his team win, but they won BIG. He attributed to it by not turning the ball over and sustaining drives with 3rd down conversions.

Favre evens up the score at 5-5 in this see-saw competition.

Final Thoughts
Raise your hand if you thought the Jets would be 6-3 at this point in the season tied for first in the AFC East? Keep your hand up if you are a liar. Brett Favre has completely rejuvenated this team. They are in playoff position and are only getting stronger. Did you know that the New York Jets have scored the most points in the NFL this year with 255? Yes, Brett Favre is leading the #1 scoring offense in the league.

Aaron Rodgers, its time to be real. Everything you did before this point doesn't matter. Your 100+ rating games, your "best fantasy QB" title, it doesn't matter. Now wins are the only thing Packer fans will judge you on; because you have to win big games to make the playoffs. Not a good start at all today. You get another chance this week against the first place Bears.

This week the Jets take on the Patriots in a monumental AFC East clash between teams tied for 1st. While the Packers host bitter rival Chicago in a just as big NFC North battle.