MMA Knockout of the Day: Pat Promrangka Drops the Hammer on Mitch Heron

Sal DeRoseCorrespondent IAugust 10, 2011

At Fightworld Cup 9, Pat Promrangka earned a knockout worthy of today's Bleacher Report "MMA Knockout of the Day" article.

Promrangka was 1-2 in his MMA career entering this fight. The Australian Promrangka was coming off a knockout victory over Ricky Kutija from this past June.

Promrangka's opponent, Mitch Heron, was previously 3-0 before suffering this brutal knockout. All three wins of his were finishes with two coming by way of knockout and the other being a submission victory.

In the beginning of this video from the August 6th bout, Promrangka seems to hurt Heron early on before falling down and using the momentum—physics was definitely on his side—to knock Heron straight off of his feet and onto his back.

Promrangka gets a few more shots in before the ref comes over and pushes Promrangka off of the cold, unconscious Heron, who was knocked out just two minutes into the bout.

Slow-mo replay shows Promrangka gets in three more shots after Heron is knocked unconscious mid-flight. Of course, only one of those shots hit Heron's face while the other two seem to hit his neck.

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