WWE: The 25 Happiest Wrestlers in History

Robert AitkenAnalyst IAugust 10, 2011

WWE: The 25 Happiest Wrestlers in History

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    There's a lot for a WWE superstar to be happy about.

    For one thing, being in the premier wrestling organization in the world does merit something to be proud of. For some, they never let that smile leave their faces, being known as a happy wrestler. Some happy wrestlers have their positive attitude come from their gimmick, while others have their real-life attitudes shine through.

    Whatever the reason, happy wrestlers are often well-liked wrestlers. As in any profession, outsiders tend to respond to people who look to be happy with what they are doing.

    Here is a list of 25 of the happiest wrestlers in WWE history.

Jimmy Wang Yang

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    We can start with Jimmy Wang Yang, who showed how happy he was despite getting a top-tier bad gimmick. An Asian cowboy is just one of those gimmicks that you leave in the barrel of awful ideas.

    Regardless of this burden, Yang made it work for longer than some others might have believed. He always came out with a huge smile and a generic country music song.


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    Viscera wasn't always like this, but his short time as a happy wrestler was traumatic enough.

    For as well as he worked as an intimidating figure, Viscera decided to alter his look to reflect his lifestyle. He became the World's Largest Love Machine, allowing him to wear silk pajamas to the ring and perform sexually suggestive things to his opponent.

    Viscera always left us with an uneasy feeling, so you can only imagine how Lillian Garcia felt about all of this.

Tony Atlas

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    Already a member of the Hall of Fame, Tony Atlas didn't have much to look forward to until he was assigned with Abraham Washington on ECW to be the sidekick to Washington's talk show. It mostly meant Atlas would announce Washington coming out and would laugh at all of his jokes, whether they were funny or not.

    By the end, it was all that some fans ever knew of Atlas. His laugh had preceded his Hall of Fame career.

Rey Mysterio

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    Of course Rey Mysterio has some stuff to cheer for. For a guy his size to be a three-time world champion is reason enough to constantly celebrate.

    Mysterio has always been a face in his time with WWE, and his bond with the fans has been second to none. Mysterio also sells an incredible amount of merchandise, so any cut of that profit has to make this little guy from San Diego very happy.


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    Kane has always been a very troubled man.

    Known for his mean streak and path of destruction through WWE that has lasted more than a decade, Kane has grown into having one of the more devious smiles in wrestling. While most of the people on this list are smiling out of joy, Kane's joy stems from the pain he dishes out. He is a very sinister and scary dude.

The Dudebusters

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    Nobody knew what a "Dudebuster" was exactly.

    We also didn't know what to call this sight when these two were at the top of the ramp.

    Regardless, Trent Barreta and Caylen Croft were a formidable tag team in a very dreary tag team division. Whether heel or face, the duo was always sporting smiles. Even though they never got a chance to hold tag team gold, they never wavered from their positive attitude and close bromance with one another.

Simon Dean

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    Simon Dean was always a pretty happy man.

    It might have been because he could afford the segway he would ride to the ring.

    It also could have been because people were buying his weight loss program, The Simon System.

    It also might have been something in his protein shake.

    Whatever it was, Dean's positivity rivaled Richard Simmons'.


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    Little Hornswoggle has had a lot of things break his way in his WWE career. He has had Royal Rumble appearances, he was the final Cruiserweight champion and is currently able to train Titus O'Neil, the favorite to win NXT Redemption.

    With all that in mind, what likely makes Hornswoggle the happiest is that he is still employed. Plus, isn't it a law or something for leprechauns to be happy at all times?

"Showtime" Percy Watson

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    "Showtime" Percy Watson had a cheesier smile than Eddie Murphy in one of his movies, but it somehow worked for him. Fans enjoyed seeing Watson dance around the ring, scream out, "Oh Yeah!" and dance around some more.

    Watson was always moving around, using a lot of his muscles. His most used muscles were the ones to show off that big smile on his face, which rarely seemed to leave.

Diamond Dallas Page

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    DDP would often give himself self-high fives, but it never wavered the positive attitude he brought to the ring.

    Page would end up with a great career considering how late in life it began. He would turn into a motivational speaker, both in real life and in WWE storyline. It was in the WWE world that DDP's smile was the butt of jokes; even Big Show sported some fake teeth to show off the glowing pearly whites.

    It isn't a bad thing, though. In fact, it's a good thing.

Ricky Ortiz

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    Ricky Ortiz doesn't make many of these lists, but he has to make a list of happy people. What other wrestler in WWE history has brought his own rally towel to the ring to try and hype up the crowd?

    His time on the roster didn't last very long and his rally towel idea was a bit of a dud, but Ortiz stayed positive until the very end.

Mickie James

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    Mickie James has one of the most beautiful smiles in WWE Divas history. Whether as a psycho or as a fan favorite, Mickie would hop her way out to the ring, showing off her smile and letting us know how happy she was to be here.

    From stalking Trish to winning a bunch of titles, Mickie had a lot of accomplishments to be happy about.

Evan Bourne

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    Bless Evan Bourne's little heart. Even though he knows most of his matches lead to him taking a lot of pain and abuse, Bourne still beams with his huge smile when he comes down to the ring.

    Then again, Bourne seems to smile naturally.

    In fact, that might be his one major problem with the creative team. If Bourne controlled his smile, which seems to pop out all the time, maybe one of these pushes Bourne is getting promised will actually stick.

AJ Lee

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    The lovely AJ is one of the newest Divas to the main roster, and she will show you how happy that makes her.

    AJ is any computer nerd's fantasy girl considering how pretty and talented she is, as well as her likes of comic books, video games and other boy stuff. She will now try to make a name for herself in the Divas division and will do it beaming from ear to ear.

    With a theme like hers, it's hard to not stay positive on the way to the ring.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan

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    Positivity looks a lot different with Hacksaw Jim Duggan. Duggan rarely actually smiles, but with his trust 2x4, American flags, USA chants and his Hall of Fame career, that positivity has certainly paid off for him.

    Even though you will often see an open mouth with a tongue sticking out instead of a smile, Duggan is a hell of a lot happier about life than you probably are.

Yoshi Tatsu

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    Yoshi Tatsu has had that "happy to be here" type of mentality since debuting back on the ECW brand.

    Coming to the ring with his arms flailing, his smile showing off and bowing to people is enough body language to suggest that he is happy. Even if you can't understand what he is saying when he is speaking most of the time, Tatsu is always showing his excitement off before a match.

Kofi Kingston

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    Kofi Kingston smiles so much that his logo even has a smile.

    Kingston's place with the fans gives him enough momentum to strut to the ring as a very happy man. Even though he is no longer an actual Jamaican man in storyline, Kingston still embraces the positive and upbeat way of life of the Jamaican people. His domination in the mid-card is also something to be happy for, especially if it leads to a world championship one day.

Too Cool

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    I don't think Too Cool, which consisted of Grandmaster Sexay and Scotty 2 Hotty, were supposed to be a very successful tag team. Yet they somehow made it work and got a lot of fans on their side.

    They also enlisted the help of Rikishi, launching the trio as a powerful combination and getting one of the biggest pops in the beginning of the 2000s.

    While The Hardys, The Dudleys, and Edge and Christian were dominating the tag team division, Too Cool still came out with their white boy dance moves and entertained everyone.


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    Did The Godfather care much about how his win-loss record was? Not really.

    Who would when you could get accompanied to the ring with a bunch of the hottest women in that specific city and refer to the women as your ho's?

    Godfather was a popular man to see because of his ladies, and a victory for him often meant a celebratory dance in the ring post-match with the girls. WWE was able to present a pimp gimmick in such a positive light that many little boys watched in awe as they all contemplated becoming pimps themselves.

Dude Love

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    It may have been the 1990s, but it was always a groovy time for Dude Love.

    A mix of a hippie and the guy from The Big Lebowski, Dude Love was always showing off his bad smile and even worse dancing skills. His video still stands as one of the worst wrestling entrance videos of all time, but we couldn't help but love Dude Love, could we?

Spirit Squad

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    If you were looking for some positivity, you came to the right place.

    Kenny, Nicky, Mikey, Johnny and Mitch made up the group of male cheerleaders, who would often come to the ring just to lead everyone in a cheer. They were never liked by many fans, but their spirit was great (obviously), and they were always in a good mood.

    Why wouldn't you be in a good mood if the group of five guys controlled the tag team titles and dominated RAW at one point?


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    Mankind was so psychotic that he was just constantly happy. Whether he was being very hardcore or was too busy playing with the sock in his pants, Mankind always wanted you to have a nice day. He  grew in popularity as the lovable loser, but that never stopped Mankind and his pursuit for happiness.

    What do you mean we just saw him two slides ago? That was Dude Love, people. Dude Love and Mankind aren't the same guy.

Doink the Clown

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    The guy was a clown, so everything he did was funny—at least to him.

    Doink would spend a lot of time playing practical jokes on other people and never stopped laughing. Even when he turned heel, his bubbly attitude turned evil like the clown from that Stephen King novel that became a movie.

    Doink was not as easy to get rid of. In fact, he still comes and goes to this day, which is easy considering multiple people have played him over the years.


John Cena

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    If you were John Cena, wouldn't you be happy too?

    Who cares if some fans hate you and you get booed by half of the audience?

    Cena is turning into an all-time great whether you like it or not. He is working hard to change things up whenever he can.

    This also includes t-shirts, which has to make Cena very rich from the sales of it.

    He is a corporate juggernaut that even Hulk Hogan wishes he could have been. Cena has been on top of the company for a while now and is in his prime at this point in his career.

    Before you are quick to say you hate Cena, can you blame him? Would you be John Cena in a heartbeat if you could? You'd only be lying to yourself if the answer is anything but yes.


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    It takes a lot of guts to pull off this gimmick and have it stand as what you are known for.

    Eugene began as the idiotic nephew of Eric Bischoff and grew in popularity. Eugene would do the finishing moves of some of his favorite superstars, such as The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin, and he would end up dressing like a superhero at the end of his WWE tenure.

    Thankfully, the gimmick eventually went away. It was too much to handle for long periods of time. Poor Eugene was always smiling though, probably because he didn't know what was going on around him, and earns the top spot on this list.