Do Arsenal Have What it Takes to Win the Premier League?

Jordan FridayCorrespondent INovember 10, 2008

With the win against Manchester United at the weekend, loyal Arsenal fans still optimistically claim they have what it takes to win the Premier League this year.

Do they really have what it takes? Are they consistent enough?

Who knows. Arsenal seem to slip up in games that most people would expect them to win. I mean losing 2-1 to Stoke City, I know Rory Delap can take a throw (43 yards), but surely it isn't impossible to defend, surely there's someone making the Arsenal faithful suffer with this poor defending.

We will soon find out how much Arsenal want the title this year, and how they contend with the big guns; Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool.

Liverpool are also a team that have blown away all the critics and sceptics. They have really shown fans what they are capable of, and the Scousers will hope their side can stay at the top of the league until the end of the season.