How to Win The ACC in 2008

Chris WhitmoreCorrespondent INovember 10, 2008

For seven teams, the ACC championship game is still within reach, but getting there and figuring out which team can get there is like a mathematical formula.

How Each Team Can Get In


Maryland (3-2) Win out. They already beat Wake Forest, but they still have home games against UNC and Florida State and end the season at Boston College. They have the hardest schedule of the remaining seven teams in contention.

Wake Forest (4-2) Wake Forest has to win out against NC State and Boston College and hope Maryland loses one of their three remaining ACC games.

Florida State (4-2) Hope for Wake Forest to lose one of their final two games and win out against Boston College and Maryland. The FSU-Maryland game on Nov. 22 could be the deciding game as to which team goes to the ACC championship game.

Boston College (2-3) Boston College could essentially sneak into the championship game by winning out their last three games against Florida State, Wake Forest, and Maryland.


Virginia Tech (3-2) Win out. They still have division games against Miami, Duke, and Virginia.

Miami (3-2) It could happen. They face Virginia Tech on Thursday night. A win or loss decides who has the upper hand in the Coastal division, but Miami needs UNC to lose another game on top of beating Virginia Tech. Miami also faces Georgia Tech and NC State.

UNC (3-2) Would need Virginia Tech to lose another game and win out their remaining games against Maryland, NC State, and Duke.

With how the ACC has played out this season, anything can and will probably happen. On paper, UNC seems to have the easiest of the Coastal division since their last remaining challenge is Maryland. They also need Virginia Tech to lose which is plausible with games against Miami and Virginia.

The Atlantic division is completely up for grabs. Maryland does control its destiny, but essentially has the hardest schedule. Wake Forest only has two ACC games left, but faces Boston College, which has shown it can be tough at times.

My prediction is the Atlantic is still too close to call and I feel the FSU-Maryland game will decide which team represents the Atlantic. UNC will represent the Coastal division.