The 1976 Cult Movie Mask that Didn't Make it to the NHL

Daniel ArouchianSenior Analyst INovember 10, 2008

He never played a single game in the NHL, but Denis Lemieux (whose real name is Yvon Barette) will always be remembered as the allergy stricken, small goalie for the Charlestown Chiefs from the 1976 cult hockey movie Slap Shot.

At first, the mask was plain white. Kind of like the style Jacque Plante had. As the team morphs from losers into violent dominators, Lemieux's mask also changes with the style of team they become. “When the team became more violent, the mask changed to reflect the new character of the team,” Barette said.

Unfortunately Barette doesn’t have the original mask anymore. “Universal Studios kept it after the movie was done,” Barette said. “Don Scott who makes replica masks, he did one of mine and gave me a copy.”

Barette enjoys doing Slap Shot appearances with the Hanson Brothers; and of course his popular mask goes along for the ride.