Herm Edwards Is an Idiot and Mike Shanahan Is a Genuis: REALLY?

Chris BallContributor INovember 10, 2008

I don't get it. Weeks ago, Mike Shanahan was applauded for his gutsy play call, opting to go for the win by trying the two-point conversion and, well, converting it.

Now, Herm does the same exact thing, only his team was unsuccessful. His team scores late and he opts to "Play to win the game!" and he gets blasted because his team couldn't execute. If Tyler Thigpen would have completed that pass, we would all be talking about what a great decision it was, just as the national media did was when Shanahan pulled it off in Week Two. 

I just find it pointless to blame the coach for trying to get his team the win. The Chiefs' players didn't look like they disagreed with the decision; in fact, they looked pumped up when Herm threw up the deuce. 

Herm is now the goat because he's coaching a young team that is last in a bad division, whose leaders want to be traded AHEM...Tony Gonzalez...or are too busy spitting drinks in womens' faces in night clubs to set a positive example—looking at you L.J. 

It is not Herm Edwards we should be after, it's his whiny core of veterans and inexperienced practice squad of a team. Vince Lombardi couldn't coach this team to even an 8-8 season, so give Herm a break—or at least just break him of a piece of that Kit-Kat Bar.