Denver Broncos: Kyle Orton Says Fans Are Last Thing on His Mind

Aaron YoungCorrespondent IIIAugust 9, 2011

GLENDALE, AZ - DECEMBER 12: Quarterback Kyle Orton #8 of the Denver Broncos stands on the sideline during the NFL game against the Arizona Cardinals at the University of Phoenix Stadium on December 12, 2010 in Glendale, Arizona. The Cardinals defeated the Broncos 43-13. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Christian Petersen/Getty Images

As most people have heard by now, Kyle Orton is still the No. 1 quarterback for the Denver Broncos now that the NFL is entering the game-phase of the preseason.

It appears that John Fox’s idea of a gamer that he talked about in an earlier interview was in fact Kyle Orton, considering that he has taken nearly all the snaps with the first team in camp.

Throughout the training camp, a significant number of fans have been cheering for Tim Tebow to get a piece of the action with the first team—but their prayers have not been answered.

When asked about the challenge it is to be the starting quarterback for a team, whose fan base wants to see what the backup can do, Orton had this to tell the media.

"My last goal playing quarterback is to win over the fans. That's my last goal."

Obviously, Orton is rather happy that the fans are not picking who will be the starting quarterback in 2011, but we believe that downplaying the importance of fans is a big mistake.

Orton has a point: He is not going to win a popularity contest against Tim Tebow anytime soon. With that being said, he does not help his chances by stating that he does not care what fans think about him.

Fans are very passionate in Denver, and they certainly do not enjoy being called out as bad supporters.

The fact that Tim Tebow is on the roster is not the only reason that Kyle Orton is not the most popular man in Denver at the moment.

Inside the opponent’s 20-yard line, Orton completed a weak 43.3 percent of his passes in 2010. Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there. He completed only 50 percent of his passes on third downs.

His completion percentage was also 50 when Denver was down by eight points or less in the fourth quarter.

The bright side is that Orton also stated that what he focuses on is to be the best quarterback he can be to win over both his teammates and coaches.

Since it looks as if Orton will be Denver’s field general in 2011, fans should certainly hope that Orton’s focus on football will result in better performances this upcoming season.

After all, if Orton is ever going to win over the fan base, he will have to perform better than he did in 2010. If the seventh-year veteran performs well in 2011, the Broncos are likely to win more games.

That is what it all comes down to. Can Orton win many games with the Denver Broncos? If he can, his popularity will surely start to rise again, but if he cannot, people will start screaming even louder for Tim Tebow.