David Beckham: Man United Star Turned American Icon

Nel BoiContributor INovember 10, 2008

David Beckham, a player of such importance to English football as we know it. A football icon to fans across the globe. A man with such outstanding ability that any other wishes they possessed. A hero in the eyes of any man, woman or child with a Manchester United jersey on.

However, is he all washed up? Are his days of striking a ball inch perfect, curling it into the top corner of the goal just a memory to all us fans?

After years of beautiful football in his younger years playing for the one and only red devils, is he finally past it? Can he no longer revive his team from a no way back situation and instead, lead them to glory?

Maybe his days playing in the topflight have just come to past, maybe he's just no longer up to scratch. No longer an England first team choice, but merely a celebrity, a ploy to bring in a big crowd, not a well respected footballer anymore, but just a joke.

His days of playing football, and I mean decent football, are nearly over, and soon he'll be sucked completely into the world of the celebrity, a world where, let's face it, you're not loved, but loathed.