World Cricket's Biggest Egos

Will TurnerContributor IAugust 9, 2011

World Cricket's Biggest Egos

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    Cricket through the years has been a sport full of colourful characters.

    This top five shows that the fruitful production of these players shows no sign of thinning.

    When retirement eventually arrives these players will take their seats amongst both the best and the worst, all with a shared delight in their own hype.

    Whether it be stepping up on the big stage pushed on by an indestructible self belief or by an arrogance so strong that reality is often blurred, this list has it all.

1. Chris Gayle

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    The unflappable King of the Caribbean has fallen from grace in recent months but his ability to hit for six with both bat and his fashion sense personifies his flamboyancy.

    His current fall out with the West Indies Cricket board which has seen him replaced as the test skipper and put into international exile goes some way to painting his no nonsense character.

    His latest public appearance came during a home ODI against Australia when he was spotted amongst the crowd sporting a pair of daring shades.

    The Kingston born left hander has so often been the key for a side that relies so heavily on
    him and more than often he has delivered which makes him an obvious choice for this shortlist of egos.

2. Shahid Afridi

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    If you look in the dictionary next to controversy you may well find an illustration of Shahid Afridi.

    A man of raw natural ability has seen his career play centre stage in a vicious game of tug of war between misdemeanour and talent of which there is yet to be a winner.

    His playing years have been a turbulent seesaw ride with tall peaks and some deep troughs but always with an undoubted self confidence to take apart any bowler standing in his way.

    This confidence doesn’t end with the bat in his hand though. Just how many other spinners could or would dare bowl a 70mph bouncer?

    One of the most entertaining and arrogant players to ever play the game, if an Ego XI was formed he would be the skipper.

3. Kevin Pietersen

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    The personality traits of Kevin Pietersen could not differ more so than that of his native stereotype.

    Perhaps he is the by product of years of tight lipped English cricketers hiding in the shadows.

    He stormed onto the scene with eye catching flashes both through his hair and midwicket against one of the greatest test sides to play the game with not a hint of being overawed.

    This fresh impetus that he breathed into the side eventually saw him given the captaincy but his outspoken nature saw him soon replaced.

    The strut, complete with chest puffed out and shoulders firmly back, highlights why he is more than at home in this top five.

4. Yuvraj Singh

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    Yuvraj translates to ‘Young Prince’ and on occasions it would seem that this powerful left hander has believed the translation to be reality.

    His distinctly aloof nature has made him a target on the international circuit for some forceful sledging and earned him a number of hostile spells of the short stuff.

    Singh has been able to back up his arrogance with some sublime performances with the bat however, recently playing his iconic windmill shot over midwicket as yet another way to grab the spotlight.

5. Kieron Pollard

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    Pollard is our second West Indian and the undisputed biggest hitter in the game at the moment.

    Sporting two shiny ear rings along with a strut that more than matches that of Kevin Pietersen he has soon become know for his self confidence.

    To call him a power hitter is somewhat misplaced as his humungous arms swing smoothly to send the ball from the arena, but there is no denying the pace at which it is sent.

    All this with an air of nonchalance which cements him firmly next to our other four egos.