Milton Bradley a Blue Jay?

Gavin Campbell Jr.Contributor INovember 10, 2008

He has a "never smiling" attitude during games. He once was suspended for spitting gum at an umpire. He has without explaining his reasons, gone weeks without saying a single word to his teammates. He is, in no way a brat. 

But Mr. Bradley is a brat with a pretty good bat and there is a possibility that he could be going north of the border and be in in the heart of the Blue Jays lineup. 

The Jays have decided to pursue  Bradley as a free agent. That's because Bradley won't be nearly as expensive as Mark Teixeira or Manny Ramirez. Jays GM J.P Ricciardi said the organization is aware of Bradley's reputation.  And for some strange reason he plays the game with a lot of anger.  But for whatever reason those negatives are the positives to me, sure outweigh the negatives just look at what he has done the past couple of years.

He has been on five major-league teams since starting his big league career with the Montreal Expos in 2000.  he has a lifetime average of .280 to go along with 103 home runs in 2,832 at-bats.

Last year with the Texas Rangers, he hit a career-high of .327 with 22 homers.  The Jays will have one significant challenger for bradley's services this season and that is the AL Champion Tampa Bay Rays who are also going after the free agent.