NFL: A Detroit Lions Fan Answers Bengals Questions

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NFL: A Detroit Lions Fan Answers Bengals Questions
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Well, Bengals fans, it's been an interesting offseason to say the least.  With the Bengals playing the Detroit Lions in the first preseason game this Friday, I thought that I'd stop by and answer any questions about the Lions that you might have.

Bengals fans have endured one of the wildest offseasons in the NFL.  The Mike Brown vs. Carson Palmer game of chicken has reverberated even in Detroit, where we feel your pain.  Our owner, William Clay Ford, finally gave us miserable Lions fans a break when he turned the team over to his son after that embarrassing 2008 season and the NFL record for futility.

The Lions fired Matt Millen, the worst GM in professional sports history, and turned the reins over to Martin Mayhew—a Millen underling.  Mayhew went about the job of rebuilding the team by hiring Titans defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz as head coach.  The two have gone about the rebuilding project in a measured approach that is starting to yield dividends.

A revamped defensive line, a franchise QB in Matthew Stafford (when healthy) and some savvy free-agent signings have garnered some buzz in the national media as a team on the rise.

Bengals fans have been kind enough to answer questions from Lions fans over at The Pride of Detroit blog.  I thought that I'd return the favor here.

Are you ready for some football?

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