Colts Slip Past Steelers

Vincent DeFazioContributor INovember 10, 2008

Heinz Field lay in silence last night after the now 5-4 Colts overpowered the Steelers and took the game 24-20.  In what seemed to be more of a match up of two playoff powerhouses, the Colts have yet to actually see themselves cemented into a playoff picture.

After last night, however, they have a glimmer of hope.

It's not clear what really happened to the Colts this year, but they are looking as if they might be bouncing back after two impressive wins against first New England, then against the Steelers. 

They looked very strong against a stringent defense and an efficient (yet inconsistent) offense, it's very possible that they may be that one wild card that foils the Titans' plans.

But where does this leave the Steelers?

Ben Roethlisberger looked to be playing in an excellent manner all until he threw a stupid interception prior to the end of the half which led to a Colts' score, what really drove the Steelers into the ground. 

What really seemed to happen is that the O-line broke down as the game dwindled down into the final seconds.  Ben threw another interception in the game as well, but it all seemed to be rushed.

I'd rush a pass if my O-line couldn't hold a defense, wouldnt' you?

Impatience is what Roethlisberger exhibited with his two bad choices on throws, if only he could take it back.  But let's not get too down on him, he did play a solid game besides the two picks. 

He ended with 284 yards and three picks, the complete opposite of Manning's 240 aerial yards and three touchdowns.  It was certainly quite a show, but the Colts played much better in the end, thus the victory.

The Steelers' "D" looked pretty strong, but inconsistencies run through each small nook and cranny of the team.  I'm still not sure if I can fully trust the DB's that protect the deep field, but we shall see. 

On the other hand, the O-line started strong, and ended weaker than before.  As the game progressed, the pocket gradually began to fall apart more and more.  Ben Roethlisberger is faced with a new challenge each and every week, not a new defense, but instead seeing how much less time his offense line will give him.

Something needs to be done to both teams if they want to be in the playoff picture later on this year.

Peyton Manning needs to get his offense together.  I saw so many dropped passes that I was about to go down there and ask if I could strap on some pads so I could go and catch a few. 

The Steelers' O-line needs to pull together and there is still a great chance that they could end up in Tampa come February.

What scares me the most is the inconsistent play of the Steelers.  Overall, the defense played amazing last week while the offense struggled, but this week the offense thrived while the defense had a harder time. 

The NFL does not take inconsistency well.  If the Steelers want to stay above their game as they have been, they need to play well, but play well from every aspect of the game every single time they play.

It's plain and simple, the offense needs to improve its O-line, the defense needs to blitz more, and the team needs to play better as a whole.  Everybody seems to be getting along well, which is very important, but the whole team needs to remain consistent and follow one another's path and play as one unit. 

Troy Polamalu and James Harrison played great games on defense.  Troy really has come back from his injury, officially.  He is playing a great speed and hitting with the ferocity that he used to.  James Harrison, well, you know.  He hits like Jack Lambert and has the speed of Greg Lloyd, two amazing former Steelers linebackers. 

On the other side of the ball, Hines Ward had a 100+ yards receiving game which really helped boost the offense.  Mewelde Moore, once again, played beautifully.  Two rushing touchdowns and a handful of receptions, what a player this guy's turning into.

So, I'm not too sure what to say to close this out.  I mean, 6-3 is a pretty good record right? 

It's a good record if you'd only lose one more game in this season to end 12-4, but more than 4 losses may just shoot you down immediately.  The Steelers have the hardest schedule in the NFL right in front of them, so what will happen? 

They will be the judges of their own destiny as we see that they can play well when the want to (Redskins).  Let's hope that Tomlin pushes this team to strive for a bit more because next week only gets harder from this point on, boys.  Au revoir, ladies and gents, get them Bolts!

Quick Hits

What about that Mewelde Moore, huh?  It seems like each week, I have even more and more to talk about when it comes to this guy. 

He is such a great acquisition as he continues to contribute in a great way to the sometimes struggling offense.  Without this guy, I really don't think the Stellers would be able to get out of half the troubles we get into each game.  Every time Ben got into trouble yesterday, Mewelde was there for the quick dump-off, he's so very important to the team.

Hines Ward played a great game yesterday, and will need to continue doing so if he wants to lead his team into another playoff season. 

Nick Eason on the D-line is doing more and more and has begun to do enough to gain my recognition.  He gets in on the quarterback many times a game and has been making his presence felt, I'm liking it.

Did any of you see Tyrone Carters monstrous hit on #11, Anthony Gonzalez?  Whoosh! What a Hit!

One more thing before I sign out, kiddies.  Nate Washington has really been playing much better at the receiver spot and has proved that he is a very solid back-up (or even starter, for that matter).  I believe that you will begin to see more of this guy as he continues to play great football.  Thanks for reading, catch me next week!