Philadelphia Eagles Fans Are Without Confidence

chris klinknerSenior Writer INovember 10, 2008

I couldn't of been the only one thinking it.

First half, 10 seconds remaining, the Eagles not yet ready to settle for a field goal. How many of us were sitting there thinking that the Eagles were going to blow this opportunity for points? How many of us were thinking that the Eagles were going to do something stupid and the clock would expire with the Eagles getting zero points?
Things ended up working out OK...No touchdown, but a successful field goal attempt.

How sad is this team, this QB, and this coach that our first instinct is for the worst to happen? We have been screwed so often that we have become conditioned to think that a screw-up is inevitable. Is this the sign of a team that is championship caliber? Do you think that Giant fans think this way of Eli and their offense? I don't.

And tell me didn't that same dreadful feeling overcome you again when the Eagles had the ball in the fourth quarter, down by five points? How many of us had confidence in Reid and McNabb to lead a fourth quarter, come-from-behind win? Not me. I knew one of them would screw it up. And of course they did not disappoint.

McNabb threw an interception that was thankfully overturned because of a penalty. A second chance, maybe the Eagles can cash in. Reid and his dreadful play calling made sure that didn't happen. I guess Reid missed the first three-and-a-half quarters of the Eagles being unable to run the ball or managed to forget the short-yardage debacle at Chicago. We fans didn't because, we were again watching the same stupidity.

No worries. Reid said in his press conference that he needs to again do a better job. We can trust him, right?!?