2011 NFL Supplemental Draft: Terrelle Pryor Should Be Bengals' Target If Eligible

Matt David@@mattdavidkyCorrespondent IIAugust 9, 2011

2011 NFL Supplemental Draft: Terrelle Pryor Should Be Bengals' Target If Eligible

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    The 2011 NFL supplemental draft, now scheduled for Aug. 17, was delayed due to the lockout.

    The supplemental draft is done via email so we won't have to deal with Chris Berman and his crew. The teams are placed into three groups based on their winning percentage in 2010. Each team contacts the league with a list of the players they'd draft and the round in which they'd take them.   

    If a team uses a supplemental draft pick, they will lose the corresponding selection in the NFL draft in 2012.

    Terrelle Pryor may not be eligible for the supplemental draft, but if he is, here is why the Cincinnati Bengals should use their fourth-round pick to select him.

1. The Bengals Are Thin at Quarterback

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    The Bengals made a good move in signing Bruce Gradkowski to back up Andy Dalton. His presence allows the team to take on a project like Pryor. However, Dan Lefevour and Jordan Palmer are pretty weak. Pryor is better than those two right now.

2. Pryor Can Play Tight End or Wide Receiver

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    Ohio State fans have been watching Pryor scramble out of the pocket for years. He is bigger than many linebackers, and faster than everyone on the field. With those skills, Pryor can make the transition to another position like wide receiver or tight end.

3. He Is an Elite Athlete with Ridiculous Speed

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    Pryor is 6'6" and 230 pounds. He is an elite athlete with ridiculous speed (4.3 in the 40). Surely, the Bengals can use more players like that.

4. He Will Provide Flexibility for Jay Gruden

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    He provides a lot of flexibility for offensive coordinator Jay Gruden. They could use the Wildcat with Pryor at quarterback in short-yardage situations, or as a running threat.

5. Small Investment

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    If you can get a guy with the skills that Pryor has for a fourth-round pick, you should jump on it.

6. In Time, Pryor Could Be a Good Quarterback

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    Andy Dalton may end up being the next Ken Anderson, or the next Akili Smith for all we know. If the worst happens and he is the next Smith, they can turn the keys over to Gradkowski. After that, with good coaching and hard work, Pryor could be the guy.

7. Ticket Sales

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    This may be a long shot, but having a versatile, exciting player like Pryor could help Mike Brown sell some tickets.

8. Kickoff Returns

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    Are you tired of watching the Bengals kickoff returner run into the pile at the 20-yard line? Pryor could solve that problem with the ability to break off a huge return at any time. Finding another way to score points is something the Bengals should look into.

9. Pryor Is a Playmaker Who Wins Games

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    Pryor had a 31-4 career record at Ohio State. He guided the Buckeyes to wins in the 2010 Rose Bowl and 2011 Sugar Bowl. He threw and ran for 8,341 yards and 74 touchdowns. He also completed over 60 percent of his passes with a touchdown-to-interception ratio of 57-to-26.

    This guy can play.

10. Brad Smith Has Shown the Way

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    Check out the video. Brad Smith has made a huge difference in the New York Jets offense.