Goldberg to Wrestle in WWE in 2011?

Sexton HardcastleAnalyst IAugust 9, 2011

I know the video is a month or two old, but I thought it was newsworthy enough to point out.

View the video Here.

At what appears to be an autograph signing, Bill Goldberg is interviewed and states that if he were to wrestle another match it would be against Stone Cold Steve Austin.

No surprise there, Goldberg has made it known that he wants a match with Austin. The main problem in getting it done is Austin himself.

While Austin has said he would be able to work one more match, it still seems like a long shot. In all likelihood I predict it to be an "ace in the hole," or saving grace for the WWE. Knowing Austin's capability for one last match, they may bring him back for a pay-per-view when they don't have many viable options.

The situation is similar to The Rock's involvement in WrestleMania 27. His status as host of WrestleMania is undoubtedly the main contributor to the event's success, garnering over one million buys.

However, if Austin would come back for a match, Goldberg would be a prime candidate should they want to go for a dream match. Goldberg states in the video that he thinks Austin would be interested, seeing as it has been a dream match for fans since 1998.

The most interesting part of the video is at the end, when Goldberg says he will "probably" wrestle by the end of 2011.

While this would be great to see, I doubt it would be his ideal match against Austin. Primarily because should Austin ever return, it would 100% have to be at WrestleMania. 

There isn't a high chance of Goldberg working outside of the WWE, as he has stated in the past that he is too big of a star to work anywhere else.

Personally I feel the only way to bring Goldberg back would be a match in the WWE, hopefully at WrestleMania. Against SCSA? Well it would create a huge amount of hype around the show.

So is Goldberg hinting at a return to the WWE? A short run? One-time match? We'll have to wait and see.