WWE Examination: The Words of CM Punk and John Cena

Tyson JonesSenior Analyst IIIAugust 9, 2011

CM Punk and John Cena are the two biggest names in WWE right now, and all it took, was about six minutes, CM Punk and a microphone.

Since then, the world of professional wrestling, the WWE Universe, and the IWC have been hanging on every word CM Punk has said, since his infamous shoot promo.

CM Punk is one of the best on the mic in the WWE right now, but John Cena hasn't been a slouch on the stick. In every instance, the two have had a confrontation, and mics were involved, they've seemed pretty even with their verbal spat.

However, tonight's contract signing was perhaps the best that both men have done in some time. CM Punk and John Cena both made compelling arguments (even Triple H's two cents had merit, as did The Rock's little involvement).

Punk used a video done by The Rock to help get his point over about John Cena, pretty much claiming that he was a phony. He also made a few jabs at Cena, using the stereotype that Cena's fans are kids and that unlike Cena, he had to fight for everything he has in the WWE while Cena was given everything.

John Cena countered, stating that while he will not win over "The Millions" or Punk's (for now, we'll just call them,) "Cult." He brought up subjects that the IWC generally focus on, such as a Cena heel turn, his Five Moves of Doom, his Hulk Hogan-type character, and stated that while we can bash him for that, he will still not quit on those members of The CeNation that wear their red proudly.

The Crowd at several times was eating up what both men had to say about the other, as was I. From a big pop for Cena to chants of "CM Punk," I have to say, these two (with assists from Triple H and The Rock) were just great tonight on the mic.

Now, I'm going to examine the words, and give my own take on things. Feel free to do the same, or give your opinions on my findings in the comments section.

First up, we have John Cena who started off by stating he can't win over Punk's Cult or The Millions, but despite, what the IWC has been saying, he's not concerned, and is concerned with those who wear the CeNation colors proudly.

He went on to proclaim that Punk was a phony, citing the demands in his contract from a few weeks ago, and his subsequent return as the "Voice of the Voiceless."

Triple H, would go on to call CM Punk gutless, as he ran away with the WWE Championship, and was just a guy who held out for more money and some perks.

Now, I can see it from Cena's side of things. To an extent, this is true. Vince looked ready to sign on the dotted line, and if he did, would Punk really be The Voice of the Voiceless?

Would he be considered the anti-hero? Or would he be just another politician, which the IWC is never very kind to.

Add to that, he did pretty much run away with the WWE Championship, anyway you look at it. Sure he did it with reason, and it was in storyline, but that's pretty much the gist of it.

Then we have CM Punk's counter. Punk, actually began the whole affair, using a video shot by The Rock to criticize Cena, which began the argument that Punk used calling John Cena a phony. (He also called The Rock a phony at that.)

CM Punk also answered Triple H's claims of him being gutless, stating Triple H had Johnny Ace, do all the firings for him, and proceeded to claim that Cena was always looking down on everyone.

Punk also said Cena's the phony because he gave up on being a bodybuilder to become a sports entertainer, and explained that he held out to get what John Cena had always had handed to him.

Now, we look at Punk's side of things. While he wouldn't elaborate on how The Rock was being phony, it was clear he believes John Cena isn't all "Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect."

Citing an incident, when John Cena stated he almost gave up on Punk and quit being body builder, while Punk had always been a wrestler.

Along with that, he stated he would leave L.A. with the WWE Championship before making a quip at the stereotype that John's fans are all children.

Cena came back, that now, all the pressure is on CM Punk, and questioned him. He questioned if Punk had any idea what it would mean if Punk were to lose at Summerslam? (I'll take this chance to say, I'm interested in what you all think it would mean if Punk were to lose this Sunday.)

He finished by stating that if Punk couldn't win at Summerslam, he'd be nothing but a one-hit wonder.

CM Punk's retort was simple. "I would much rather be a one-hit wonder than a phony." From that line, the event broke down, in usual contract signing fashion.

Johnny Ace took a shot from Punk, who then took a shot from Cena, (with Triple H getting caught in the crossfire.) As Punk left the ring, he seemed convinced the fix was in, which brings us to now.

I've attempted to break down what each superstar was meaning to say to the other, and think I've done a pretty good job, but I've done this, because I'm interested in what others think about the two arguments. Both seem solid to me, but I'll admit, Cena's holds a bit more weight.

For those of you wondering, I'm not a fan of Cena or Punk, and as such, have attempted to break them down as a neutral examiner. Anyway, I encourage you to share your thoughts. Thanks for reading, all.