WWE: God Bless CM Punk and John Cena for This Storyline

Robert KnightSenior Analyst IIIAugust 9, 2011

This is Epic!
This is Epic!

The ending of Raw just showed why we, as wrestling fans, want to watch wrestling. Why we love it, why we report on it, why we make such opinionated articles such as these. It is when WWE gets' it right that there is nothing better on TV than WWE.

TNA is a folly as a organization and could never compare to WWE. If they just saw the ending of Raw, they would know in their hearts, nothing in the world can save them or put them over like WWE has done for themselves. 

Like the title states, God bless Punk and Cena. Vince deserves as much credit as anyone as well. Thanks to them, we are getting not just a treat, but a feast of ungodly entertainment that less than two months we thought would never happen in the WWE today.

Their creativity throughout this storyline has been picture perfect. The placement of HHH as the special ref only adds to all the speculation that we have conjured up on the Internet. It has made this storyline even more interesting.

Punk and Cena work-shooting on each other like that shows just how much Vince trusts these guys out there. He is more than willing to let these guys mention reality into the equation. That has already happened in this storyline plenty, but it never gets old.

Punk and Cena just know how to feed off of each other out there.

Their chemistry has been perfection. They know what buttons to press, how to present one another into each statement they say and how to say it. We all saw it; they have no fear.

There is zero fear of what they have to say and that freedom is what makes us suspend our beliefs when we watch them.

This type entertainment is what we live to see and watch on WWE. Yes, the mystery of what other matches are at Summerslam is a big deal for WWE and their mid-card is suffering, but with this storyline, is it not worth it thus far from what we have seen?

I mentioned in my past articles that Cena will not hold the WWE title for a while, that Alberto cashing in MITB would be bad for business, and that Punk is the future of WWE.

Tonight, we all saw shades of what I was talking about. 

This storyline the way it is right now would be ruined if Alberto won the belt at this PPV and sweep the momentum from both Cena and Punk. Cena said it himself on Raw, Punk must win, or he will be a loud-mouthed, one-hit wonder.

I remember reading an article on here that asked if Punk winning at Summerslam would be predictable.

My answer to that is no, because he has to win at this PPV. Whether it be dirty like I mentioned in my slide show, clean, does not matter, if he does not, he is no longer the future of this company.

Punk is the hot WWE ticket right now, with Cena knowing how to control the crowd, what to say, and how to move a storyline forward.

Punk now has to win because if doesn't, he might be pushed to the basement. His momentum must continue heading forward in order to continue this storyline.

I will be honest, my love for Punk and this storyline was starting to fade going into Raw tonight. I had no idea why, and my liking to Punk started to fade as well. Then, I heard his music hit and I heard him speak at the contract signing and I fell in love all over again.

Cena also proved and showed us shades of his old self of when he rapped dirty by just straight talking truth and reality to Punk. 

That is exactly how they both should be going into the PPV this Sunday. Strong as hell, hot off an epic promo, and a genuine uncertainty of who will win that match. This feels like the good ol' days. Though those days are gone, the feelings they bring thankfully are not anymore.

God bless those guys for at the very least these past couple of months, for giving us the best possible storyline they could. Let us all hope it does not end this Sunday.

If you are wondering the main point of this article, I will be honest, I am not sure myself. I just wanted to put this out there because as soon as Raw was over, I jumped on here and began typing.

Thanks for reading! Please let me know of your thoughts and opinions on this article and how I did on it. I appreciate all the feedback I can get from you guys. Check out my other articles as well if you like and comment on those, too!

Peace everyone, I hope you enjoyed!