Lesnar Vs. Couture: The Rookie Of The Year Faces The Veteran Of The Decade

Uncle-Joe SCorrespondent INovember 9, 2008

On November 15th, at UFC 91, Randy Couture will face Brock Lesnar in what is being called "the biggest fight in UFC history".

The 6'2" 220-pound Randy Couture will step into the Octagon this Saturday night for his twenty-fifth fight in the UFC. 

At forty-five years old, the question on everyone's mind is, "can he do it"?  Aside from his age, Couture has not fought in over a year, leading people to believe that he may be rusty for his upcoming fight. 

Time though, has proved to be no problem in the past, as he retired after his loss to Chuck Liddell, only to return over a year later and take the title from Tim Sylvia.

Former WWE, and NCAA heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar comes off a unanimous decision win over Heath Herring at UFC 87.  He started off as the underdog when his fight against Couture was announced, but has slowly climbed to be the favorite to win. 

While he is an outstanding wrestler, and his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu skills are rumored to have been getting much better, there is no doubt that his favoritism is coming from his size.  Brock Lesnar is "bigger than most men combined" and at 6'3" 265 pounds, there's no denying that.

Lesnar has the size advantage of the two, but Couture might just have home court advantage come Saturday—that court being the Octagon. 

As the veteran, Randy Couture is one of the most famous fighters in the UFC, and quite possible the whole sport.  A knockout, or tap-out is a definite sign of a win, but in a close fight, the decision may go the way of the more seasoned fighter.

For Couture to put away this fight, he will need to out strike Lesnar.  Couture has submission skills, but being realistic, have you ever tried to put a rear naked choke on a garage?  Lesnar can get a win by using his wrestling skills to take Couture to the mat, then use his size to stay on top and finish with some ground and pound.

Prediction: Couture by split decision