TNA Wrestling's Biggest Star Kurt Angle Loses Sight of Reality

Tim ListAnalyst INovember 9, 2008

For some, pro wrestling is more real than for others. For Kurt Angle, sometimes you have to wonder if he knows the difference.

The leader of TNA's heel faction "The Main Event Mafia" did an interview with the always-excellent Josh Stewart of The Long Island Press ( and clearly, Kurt Angle's ability to either realize where the work-shoot line is drawn is either non-existant, or he just doesn't realize how insane his statements make him sound.

To Stewart's credit, he called Angle on every statement.

Angle on The Main Event Mafia: “What I think is that the NWO became so popular that people wanted to see them, but they rarely ever went to the house shows,” Angle explained. “They rarely ever did matches on TV. They basically walked out, kind of [did promos saying] that they were really cool, people liked them, but they didn’t really work that hard.

"The MEM, the Main Event Mafia, all of our guys are willing to go out there every night and work our asses off. We show up at the house shows, we show up at TV, we have matches, we have great angles and matches set up, thank God. So it’s completely different because our guys—I’m the head of the Main Event Mafia, and if they don’t want to work, I’ll kick them out.”

As Dave Meltzer of pointed out, Sting and Nash are not working full time schedules, especially house show bookings.

Angle on his supposed real life feud with Jeff Jarrett (get ready for this one): “I said that I lost my world championship, I lost my gold medal and I lost my wife. But I’m not the only one to lose their wife,” Angle remembered. “Jeff didn’t know I was going to say that. When I got backstage, I was ready to fight. I figured he was going to come up to me and he was going to be really pissed.

"But I didn’t see Jeff. I didn’t know how he responded that night. I didn’t mean anything personally to Jill, God rest her soul. It’s just that Jeff and I were going at it, and it seemed like the right thing to say at the right time to get some good heat. The fans, all of our wonderful, tremendous, great fans, sympathize with Jeff for everything he’s gone through.

And to throw that in like that, it was like, ‘What an a**hole to say something like that.’ You know? So I actually thought Jeff would want to fight me. But he if wanted to fight me, he’s in for quite a hell of a fight. I was ready for him to jump me. So I was getting ready. Jeff and I don’t see eye to eye. A lot of stuff you see on TV is very transparent on how we feel about each other.”

Angle made the same statements in the UK Sun. Sounded insane then. Sounds even more insane now.

He continued, “I’m a professional. I’m going to go out there and have a great match and I’m going to make Jeff Jarrett look good. We had our pay-per-view, and if that match isn’t match of the year, it’s pretty darn good.

"But my job was to make Jeff look great because he hasn’t wrestled in two years. And we had an incredible match and I take my hat off to Jeff. He really stepped up and did an incredible job, but at the same time, when it was over, we were back at each other’s throats.”

Thanks, Kurt. We're all convinced now!