The NCAA Top 10: BCS and Heisman Rankings

Paul FulwilerCorrespondent INovember 9, 2008

I'm all for doing away with pre-season polls. I mean, you can have them, but they shouldn't mean anything. And if you do one, please, be willing to toss it out as the season progresses. So many times it seems that the voters want to stick with their picks.

My rankings are not how I predicted they would end up, nor are they how I think they might finish, but rather where I see them now, through games of November 8, 2008:

  1. Texas Tech (10-0) So much offense, just enough defense.  Can they finish this thing up?  We'll have to wait and see.
  2. Alabama (10-0) Love him or hate him, Nick Saban is getting it done.  Florida may stand in his path, however.
  3. Florida (8-1) They've gotten over the Ole Miss upset and are playing better than anyone in the nation.
  4. USC (8-1) Other than a couple of quarters that seem inexplicable now at Oregon State, the Trojans D just might be the most dominant defense we've seen in decades.
  5. Texas (9-1) They need some help, but there is plenty of time.
  6. Oklahoma (9-1) Could they really be staring at a Holiday Bowl?
  7. Utah (10-0) BCS buster again?
  8. Boise State (9-0) There's only room for one.
  9. Penn State (9-1) Say thanks to Iowa, Nittany Lion fans. They saved you (and us) another Big 10 BCS thrashing.
  10. Georgia (8-2) Both losses were to 'Bama and Florida.

How to pick the Heisman?  There are so many variables.  Look here for my list of them.

My Heisman rankings are not necessarily who I think is the most talented or who has the most NFL potential (Texas Tech's Michael Crabtree would probably get the nod if that were the case). Rather, it is where I see the Heisman race as it stands now, based on how I think the vote would go. 

  1. Graham Harrell, Texas Tech QB: It's his to lose.
  2. Colt McCoy, Texas QB: It was his, he just left too many ticks on the clock for Harrell.
  3. Michael Crabtree, Texas Tech WR: I see a potential Reggie Bush, Matt Leinart situation.
  4. Tim Tebow, Florida QB: His team is better. Does that make him worse?
  5. Sam Bradford, Oklahoma QB: It was his, until the second half against Texas.
  6. Javon Ringer, Michigan St. RB: Leading the nation in rushing used to count for so much more.
  7. Shonn Greene, Iowa RB: He rushed for117 big yards in big win against Penn State, which pushes him up everyone's list.
  8. Chase Daniel, Missouri QB: He's still quietly putting up huge numbers.
  9. Max Hall, BYU QB: He'll need them to win out to get even a whiff of an invite.
  10. (tie) Dez Bryant, Oklahoma St. WR and Jeremy Maclin, Missouri WR: They both have big talent and are putting up big numbers.