WWE Raw August 8, 2011: Live Coverage, Results and Analysis

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WWE Raw August 8, 2011: Live Coverage, Results and Analysis

So it's the go home show before SummerSlam on Sunday and I have a feeling the numbers aren't going to be pretty.

WWE pulled the rug out from under CM Punk and his angle by only keeping him off TV for two weeks and basically flushed months of booking down the toilet.  Not only that, they rendered Punk's title basically meaningless by crowning a new champion a few days after Punk won it.

So now we are left with two belts (both meaningless) and Triple H waiting in the wings to put himself over CM Punk at the first possible opportunity.  Needless to say, I am being just a bit cynical about the whole thing.

Oh, and a word on the releases: Who cares?  And for those of you boo-hooing about Melina and Gail Kim being fired, you really need to go back to Wrestling 101.  Women don't draw a DIME in North American wrestling and have never budged ratings a tenth of a point.  If women were removed from television all together, no one would even notice/care.

Anyways, make sure to refresh your browsers to get my latest updates and feel free to comment with your fellow wrestling fans.  I do ask that you actually know how to use things like periods and commas before posting a comment, you know, just because.

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