NFL Tailgating...What It's All About

Drunk LeprechaunContributor INovember 9, 2008

It's Sunday morning and your in the zone because not only are you going to see your favorite NFL team play, but you're gonna be tailgating for hours before kickoff.  It doesn't matter if its a Fall day in New England, bone chilling night in Green Bay or a heat wave in Arizona, this is the start of any football fan's perfect day. 
Attending an NFL game is never complete until you have experienced the perfect tailgate party.  With that being said, what makes up the perfect tailgate experience? 
This meticulously planned day has to start off with a wide variety of beverages whether you decide on the Lite stuff or old school PBR.  Pay careful attention on your first walk through the lot looking for the outhouse, because I guarantee you'll see everything from Keystone to Sam Adams to Heineken. Just when you think that's it, here come the bottles of Jack and Goose, not to mention the guy making frozen blender drinks.  It may be a 1pm kickoff, but your fellow fans have no problem pounding down the drinks at 9am.  I'm sure many of you know what I'm talking about when I say it's no surprise to see someone downing a beer while their bacon and eggs sizzle right in front of them.  How can you not appreciate the effort these fans put in to make this day special. 
This brings us to the food aspect of tailgating.  Depending on which NFL city you're in, you'll get a wide variety of foods.  In Green Bay you have to go with the brats and sausages.  In New England you'll always see a few people with lobster and steak.  Don't be surprised if in Baltimore you come across a few crabcakes being made.  Let's not forget the chili that you'll find in the heart of Texas.  After hamburgers and hot dogs, these are just a few of the other foods you'll find in stadium parking lots across the country on any given Sunday. 
The next thing you can't help to notice is the setups people bring with them.  Everything from tiki bars to pellet stoves to the kiddie pools to cool off in.  One can only imagine the stories that can be generated from the mixture of alcohol and kiddie pools in the parking lots of Dolphin stadium.  On a cold game day you'll find makeshift forts strategically setup throughout the parking lots. You may not even be able to find the occupants of some of these forts because they are so well protected against the elements.  Whether its a beautiful day or a snowstorm, one thing certain is that you'll find all kinds of televisions set up throughout the lots.  You'll have the flat screens and plasmas, not to mention the 15 inch black and whites. Some may run off generators or simply be hooked up to the car battery, but never underestimate because just when you think you've seen it all, someone will make you say wow!  Also, keep in mind all the different ideas that you may be able to implement into your next tailgating experience.
The best thing about tailgating is that if you need anything from cooking utensils to another beer, your neighbors are always happy to oblige (unless of course your a Vikings fan at Lambeau).
So for those of you who have never experienced tailgating NFL style, try it!  If you're going to the game then pack up a grill, leave early, and enjoy the day.  Not only do I guarantee it will be a great start to your day, but you're opinion will be real when you later debate what's the best NFL stadium to tailgate at.