10 Most Overrated Boxers of All Time

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10 Most Overrated Boxers of All Time
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Boxing is a sport more than any other that lends itself to ratings, especially across the eras. The one-on-one purity of the competition makes comparing champions a fun and often enlightening experience.

Countless hours have been spent 'round the world debating back and forth if Louis could beat Ali, how Sugar Ray Robinson would have matched up with Marvin Hagler and all manner of different fantasy fights.

With boxing fans' propensity for these matchups, it is only natural that some fighters should have a reputation beyond that which they earned in the ring.

But what makes a fighter overrated? Any number of factors can contribute, but usually a fighter is slotted too highly because of an exciting style that made him popular, wins over faded greats who were no longer peak contenders or a resume of destroyed B- and C-list fighters.

Also, there is an American cultural tendency to prefer heavyweight boxing over all else. It is for this reason that almost half of this top ten list is made up of famous heavyweights, as fans love to lionize them in their memories.

Finally, the media plays a large role. If masses of people are told that a certain fighter is invincible for long enough, they will take it as gospel. Some have more than one of these qualities, particularly egregious examples might possess four or even all five..

This is an entirely subjective list, obviously. All of these rankings are up for debate. There are no statistics in boxing as there are in baseball and basketball to help us objectively sort through the names for comparisons.

No, boxing fans have to base their lists more on observations, feeling and speculation than a set of numbers. So here is my own list of the top 10 most overrated fighters of all time.

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